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Show Me

Would you sing a song for me?
Would you put on a show tonight?
I’ll be your audience, captivated by your light
The world outside goes silent when you open your mouth
So show me what you’ve got
I’m waiting

I’m in the front row taking it all in, basking in your energy
Your voice takes me on a tour
Fast or slow, I know that you’ll set the tempo right
Gotta keep it fresh to keep me surprised
I can’t count stars with you in my view
You’re my supernova
I see you & I’m blinded by that body
You move like you’re on fire & your touch only spreads the flames
Keep it up & I’m gon’ put you up on screen when the lights go off

Show me what you’ve got
I’m waiting

Every night’s something new with you
Give me some leeway & I might steal you away
With every step you take you steal my breath away
Do what you gotta do to keep me on my toes
Your eyes are the only light show I know
You know I’m gonna be the one to follow you from show to show
I’m backstage peeking behind your curtains
You know this ain’t no dress rehearsal
Gotta get it right to keep me satisfied
Come midnight my kisses will be your performance review

Would you sing a song for me?
Would you dance with me tonight?
I’ll be your partner, sharing the spotlight
The world outside goes silent when we’re alone
So show me what you’ve got (tonight)
I’m waiting

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Kenna – Better Wise Up (Exclusive Live Performance)

In anticipation for Kenna‘s  three-song EP Land 2 Air Chronicles I: Chaos and The Darkness (the first in a trilogy), I wanted to play one of my favourite tracks from one of his albums. Kenna deserves all of the acclaim that he can possibly carry. If you enjoyed New Sacred Cow and Make Sure They See My Face, then you probably already have this one in your possession, but everyone else who is able to look at the world without their hip hop blinders on should also give it a shot. It’s only three tracks long, it’s super-cheap, and chances are pretty good that you’ll actually like it.

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