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Anything That Loves


Anything that lovesĀ is alive for a reason.
Profound epiphany fills our bones when our hearts are within reach.

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Quote: Self Love


“I love you, especially when you love yourself as much as you’ve allowed yourself to love others.” – Stephen Quammie

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Quote: P.O.V.

“When we gain perspective we change perspective.” – Terry McGinnis

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Quote: Worry

“You can tell the size of your God by looking at the size of your worries. The longer your list, the smaller your God.” – Author Unknown


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Leave Your Fears

Pointlessly hopeful, craving sweet serenity between every breath.
Feelings under the surface rise above in spite of everything.
When belief and truth come together, meaning is complete.
Life is as complicated as it is compelling.

Maybe tomorrow will be worth the wait.
If you can’t give up everything, what will you gain in the end?
Sacrifice takes what you want and nothing less.
Gave you a life for a life, a heart for a heart.

Can’t keep the future at bay.
Leave your fears at the door.
Leave your fears for me.



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