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Happiness Jar 2015



What’s in your jar?

I know it’s February and all, but I just realized that I hadn’t emptied my Happiness Jar. You know the one from this post, My Happiness Jar. The way I see it, January is the trial period of a new year so I can ease into things properly.

2015 provided me with 88 memorable moments of happiness that I couldn’t forget.

Top 10 (in no specific order):

1. Fun working on set!

  • It’s hard not to have fun on set with awesome people. There are way too many stories and jokes on set.

2. Connecting with friends.

  • My best friend made me spit out my drink and laugh until it hurt (and I was drinking tea).
  • Reunited with a friend I hadn’t seen face to face in 12 years while working on a commercial. We have since had fun working together on a few projects.
  • Someone I became fast friends with while working on “Pixels” made me smile when she told me she was “glad that we met and became friends”.
  • Attending a Black & White Party with friends.
    • I was already wearing a tuxedo while working on set, and my friend was close by so I joined him at this martini-filled tuxedo party. Total coincidence.
  • Jokes and shenanigans at a friend’s BBQ.
    • I tried “Flash Dance” drinking. Don’t ask.
  • Spoiled a friend on her birthday with dinner and movies all night.
  • Chatting with an old WordPress friend.
    • We haven’t seen each other in a few summers, but we still talk.
  • Playing Just Dance with friends.
    • Looking silly has never looked so good!

3. Thanksgiving with my Sister’s family.

  • Re-connecting with my nephew and nieces over dinner and games.

4. I learned how to play Catan!

  • Spent 4 days playing variations of Catan with my friends.
  • I also purchased Catan in the Google Play app store (the Computer cheats!!).

5. I built a Room Divider Vocal Booth (my recording space for voice-over auditions and projects).

  • Recorded lines for 2 characters in a video game expansion.
  • Recorded a cast interview for a voice-over project I got to be a part of.
  • Put together a Character Demo Reel.
    • Now I have an idea of what I can do, and I will continue to grow.

6. Finally played and beat the Mass Effect Trilogy.

  • I played the first game in the series on PC years ago, but never beat it. I bought the Trilogy collection for $22 and became obsessed with it over a month and a half. Female Shepard is so awesome!

7. Married to the Games Podcast (

  • I am so glad that they found me on Twitter. Their family friendly podcast as they put it is about “Kids, wives, and 9 to 5’s but we’re still married to the games”. Every week these guys make me laugh and occasionally they tackle one of my questions/comments on the show, which is a nice surprise. These jokers always make my week.

8. The Scarlet Spiders

  • I have 2 costumes. I bought one on for Halloween and I bought a Morphsuit on Amazon so I could make my own suit (just in case my order didn’t arrive in time). I had fun crafting this suit made with foam, mesh, Water Shoes, Velcro straps and acrylic paint. I will be sure to wear these suits again at a convention, Cosplay is fun!

9. Fun dates with adventurous women.

  • I didn’t do much dating, but I had a few enjoyable days and nights with interesting women.

10. Two tablets at the same time.

  • I prefer recording my voice-overs on my tablets since they don’t produce any background noise. I use one for recording and the other displays my script. After one of them fell and broke I ordered a tablet from Amazon, and when it didn’t arrive I got a replacement sent. Low and behold my replacement and the original order arrived together, so I gave one to my friend and we paid the difference.




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