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Seduce Yourself

Learn to love yourself with reckless abandon.
Surrender to a touch all your own.
Rediscover where your passions lie.
Tap into your impulses & embrace what’s inside you.
Take hold of your body.
Seduce yourself.

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Naked Games

I'm in the mood to play with you.

I’m in the mood to play with you.

I’m in the mood to play with you.
You don’t have to be naked to play, but it helps.
I’ll let you know when it’s your turn to do whatever you want to do.
Waiting is the hardest part when I’m in your sight.
Alright, you can pick & choose what I’ll lose first, my mind or my shirt.
Do something, make your move.

Don’t tell me, show me why you’re my baby.
Don’t fuck with me, unless you’re gonna please me.
Show me some love, before I have a heart attack.
I wanna love you better, next level techniques.

Your lips are the prelude to the inevitable.
Exploration starts with curiousity & ends with the tip of my tongue.
And from there everything heads South like it should.
I’ll take you away & make you yearn to be mine, while we’re speaking in tongues.
I breathe you in before I taste your essence.
You blow like the wind & leave everything behind.

Touch me here.
I’ll show you how, just take your time.
Taste me now before my body fades away.
How much can we endure?
Shivering with anticipation.
I want more of everything.
Midnight’s secrets repeat after me.

We use rules & tools to get things started.
Drawn-out seduction disarmed our defenses long ago.
Teach me the rules to this dirty, sexy setup going on inside your insatiable mind.
Shock me, stimulate me.
Take me over while I’m still under your control.
Everything we miss lies somewhere between love & lust.
As I thrust myself into you, I realize this to be true.

You’re no beginner.
Your body is the life of the party.
You play for keeps while you’re moaning.
Pulling back your hair while you pull back the sheets.
I put you first, so I’m sure to finish last.

If you wanna play, you’ve gotta let go.
Where will it be this time?
Lay you down on the bed.
Your behind on the balcony.
Tasting you in the kitchen.
Lose your panties while we do laundry.
Washing you in ecstasy under the shower.
Or should we go to a place where no one can find us?

Late nights make for better days when you let me have my way.
I can’t do it without you.
Baby push my buttons & watch what you make me do.
This is what you put me through.
And damn do I look forward to it.
Let me fill you until you’re full of me.
Show me how you like to play.

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Testing The Waters

Still waters run deep.

I can tell that you want us to be alone
You’ve been waiting for someone to hold
It’d be such a waste to leave already
Cut the lights & lock the doors
I’m not going anywhere
Still got time & space to make love to your mind
Take your worries off & lay them aside
When I look at you I want to see nothing
There’s only you & me in this enticing equation
Just let my hands roam until they touch your soul
Your body is sweltering like a heat wave’s building deep inside
I know what you’re feeling

Set it free & let it loose on me
Come here, I can handle it, put me to the test

Close your eyes & let me inside
We’re gonna need all hands on deck while we ride this out
We’re succumbing to all our desires now that we’re alone
We don’t know what’s come over us, cus we don’t normally do this

Let your pretty red lips leave an impression on me
You can taste the passion in the air while our whispers fill the room
It’s so thick you’ll be swallowed up, as if you’d just fallen into quicksand
You should know that your touch gets me as hard as the Man of Steel
You better be prepared for me to go down under until one of us loses our breath
I can take you where you want to go
Just let your good taste control the flow
You’re as moist as a rain forest in May
I’m diving deep to see just how far you’ll go
Let me know when your volcano’s ready to blow

You know I like the way you move when I’ve got you on the floor
Come to me, our breathing is your favourite song

Open your eyes & look at the mess we’ve made
We’re gonna clean this up so we can do it all over again
We’re making up for all those nights we’ve lied awake & found love on our own
We don’t know what’s come over us, but we’re enjoying every last drop of it

We’re doing the right thing in all the wrong ways
I’m about to undo all that stress one kiss at a time
Where do I begin?
I guess I’m heading down
Down baby, hold on to me
Still waters run deep
Come here, come to me
Give in to me

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Show Me

Would you sing a song for me?
Would you put on a show tonight?
I’ll be your audience, captivated by your light
The world outside goes silent when you open your mouth
So show me what you’ve got
I’m waiting

I’m in the front row taking it all in, basking in your energy
Your voice takes me on a tour
Fast or slow, I know that you’ll set the tempo right
Gotta keep it fresh to keep me surprised
I can’t count stars with you in my view
You’re my supernova
I see you & I’m blinded by that body
You move like you’re on fire & your touch only spreads the flames
Keep it up & I’m gon’ put you up on screen when the lights go off

Show me what you’ve got
I’m waiting

Every night’s something new with you
Give me some leeway & I might steal you away
With every step you take you steal my breath away
Do what you gotta do to keep me on my toes
Your eyes are the only light show I know
You know I’m gonna be the one to follow you from show to show
I’m backstage peeking behind your curtains
You know this ain’t no dress rehearsal
Gotta get it right to keep me satisfied
Come midnight my kisses will be your performance review

Would you sing a song for me?
Would you dance with me tonight?
I’ll be your partner, sharing the spotlight
The world outside goes silent when we’re alone
So show me what you’ve got (tonight)
I’m waiting

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The unspoken & undeniable truth is that I’ve been sleeping with you every night.
You in your bed & me in mine.
Or rather me in my bed & you resting in my head.
The best laid plans take place at night when I can kill the lights & whisper in your ear.
It can’t be avoided, you pull me in like a blackhole, so I figured it was about time I pulled you in with me.
Rejection by silence is not an option, let me know what you like while I take you under.

Your body is a sleek instrument, let me fine tune it until you’re ready to play.
Let me know which strings to pick & I’ll hit every note.
We are what life sounds like, I love to hear the sounds we make.
Let it out, sing for me.
Nothing should be unspoken while you’ve got a captivated audience.
My mind is on fire with this latest sensation.
Now is the time to make your mind flow while you let your body go.
Without you life would be a mistake, so let’s do this right.

Love me in ways you’ve never dared before.
Show me the way seasons change inside you.
Reaching this climax isn’t our final destination, we’re reaching for the places that no one could ever go.
There’s more to explore, don’t ignore your primal urges.
Share my frame of mind & take heart as I take hold of you.
I can’t dream without your love.
I had a dream & I fear that’s all it will ever be while I’m lying here pretending that you’re closer than you are.
I swear I heard you whispering, I need to feel you close to me.
When I lie this time, I’ll find you resting your head in my bed.
Let’s make this unspoken & undeniable dream come true.

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