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Realize (Part 1)

You alone know who I am when I’m alone.
Somehow, you came to realize the language of my humanity.
You saw through the tact that kept me so composed.

Tell me all the little things we’ve missed in the mirror.
Show me what eyes can’t see.

You make me feel different.

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New Ways

Last year broke something loose
So many pieces to pickup
Make a little room for hope
Explore until I expire

Inside wants out
Can’t hide this heart
So I’ll seek until I feel love
My mind’s made up

You can see it in my face
Pain painted in my eyes
Lust for life on my lips
Learning new ways to be

I keep going places on my own
Disappearing for days
Bad days have good days too
Savour the sweeter things

Quit holding on
Dreams running wild
Tomorrow’s not a liar
Leave doubt in the fire

No going back

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Your Silence

I like your silence
And the volume at which it speaks
Its honesty emits a truth which words sometimes forget
The sound of silence can be deafening for some
Pregnant pauses become overdue until something must be said

You could be cruel
You could be kind
You could also be mistaken

You pick your pauses so carefully that what follows must be heard
Flooding our ears with unthoughtful words is emotional pollution
Have a moment of silence
Breathe and stop
Wait and see
Choose your battles carefully

Your tongue rests with angels in spite of all the hell it could awaken
I may not always understand your silence, but I know where it comes from
Birthed in a place of patience
Raised with peace of mind
Walked a mile with empathy
The space between your words reveals what words can’t

For every Speaker, there is a Listener
For every word, one must be heard

I see your silence
I can still hear what you mean
I feel your silence
When I can understand your heart

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We had all the time in the world.
But this world is not enough.

Nothing feels the same.
I feel like I think too much.
When it all becomes too much,
I walk past familiar places into the unknown.
I found somewhere I could hear your voice.
I stay till the Sun goes down.

All these dreams started with you.
You saw the good in the little things.
Waking up in a world without you feels false.
You truly had so much love to show.
Everything felt right in your light.

The night sky puts my doubts to rest.
The stars dance when I say your name.
Remind me I’m not alone.
We had all the time in the world.
But this world is not enough.

The world may change, but it’s alright.
I will never be the same, but it’s alright.
It’s not what I want, but it’s what you need.
I’ll always know how to find you.
And in finding you I find myself.

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Wrap me up in your pure energy

You really see me when you look at me
Your eyes beaming like a thousand Suns
When you hold me like that
You touch my every emotion

You’ve got a vibe about you
Sunshine in every touch, neon lights in every step
Wrap me up in your pure energy
Your embrace is all I need

Calm my heart, move my soul
I’d stay for you, just say the word
I know who I am when you’re in my arms
Fall into me, I won’t let you go

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