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Your absence is my only fear.
When there’s no one to hold onto,
I hold onto your memory still.
With every thought you burn brighter.

Your spirit fills the abyss.
I’ll never know what empty is with this feeling I won’t soon forget.
If I had three wishes, I’d wish for you, every single time.

You take me back.
Back to a time, a place, something beautiful.
Take me back, take me whole.

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State Transfer

Have you ever been in a bad mood, and a friend came by in a really great, excited mood?
Your mood probably changed, and you found yourself smiling and cheering up in spite of yourself.

This is how humans hypnotize each other in everyday life – we transfer our states (of energy/emotion) to each other.
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Positive Association

Have you ever liked something or someone, not for what they are, but because of the moment that you encountered them in?

My friend Emily likes Dubstep, a growing genre trend in music, but she likes it because she used to make out with her boyfriend to it. That is a “positive association”.

Positive associations can also be embodied by people. We all have a loved one, that we can’t help but to smile at when we see them because we always think back to that “moment”. Having positive people in your life is a blessing no doubt, but is it that particular moment that you hold on to, or is it that person?

Do you remember the time (Michael Jackson reference) you fell in love with someone or something?

Do you still associate something that you enjoy with an event from the past?

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