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Where Do I Begin?


I have more faith than you can see.
I’ll wait patiently for you to come alive.
When you come face to face with what you want, ask the right questions.

Where do I begin?

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You don’t need permission to love.

Feel without a filter.
You can’t have everything under control.
It’s easier to want something than it is to actually have it.

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Sights have been seen, but they all feel the same without you by my side.
Just like these sidewalks what we have never ends, no matter which way we go.
So we keep going until the night calls our name.

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Women & Words (Pt. 2)


Woman your heart is showing.
I can see it in the way that you move and speak so freely.
You are the continuity within every season.

Woman I have been waiting for you.
I want to believe in you until the end.
Nothing less than happiness because of everything that you are.

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Women & Words (Pt. 1)


Women & Words

Woman I feel your whispers on my skin.
It’s not what you say, but how that captivates.
Wine & dine me with words of hope and dreams between bated breaths.

Woman you’re my peace of mind.
I want to align my ways with yours, like puzzle pieces.
I love how good you are, I cannot deny you.

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