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Thoughts crackle in the dark.
Emotions have exhausted all reason.

Death, desires and dreams know my name.
It’s the quiet moments that ask the big questions.

Am I enough?

Burning bones bare your soul.
Put these flames to rest before they get the best of you.

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Quotes: Find Myself


“I was never concerned with where I would find myself, only when.” – Stephen Quammie

Sometimes I find myself in the littlest moments, saying or doing something, and I smile to myself thinking “This feels right, this is what I should be doing”.

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Come Alive

Come Alive

The better angels of our nature… Come alive.

Tonight my life came alive
And I’m ready to know exactly what I’ve been feeling in my bones
You alone brought more than enough light to fill every corner of my heart
The better angels of our nature return every time you draw close to me

Show me how you love

Even dreams have lost their appeal
I’d need a hundred more to compare to the words you’ve spoken
Even when your silence calls my name, I know exactly who I truly am
Gave me a reason to believe

Show me how you love

Too close to know what goodbye even means
No way we’re letting go
There’s no need to pretend, we know now what we’re in
And you know when my mind wanders, it’s you I’m lost in

Love was never a question

Come alive
The better angels of our nature
Come alive
Right before our very eyes
Come alive
I’ll show you, show me how you love
Come alive

The better angels of our nature
Come alive

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Set this love on high.

Set this love on high.

My obsession was speeding up heartbeats.
Hers was setting words on fire.
We traded stories through kisses.
We attacked with every breath as though silence would be the death of us.

Her eyes said, “Don’t listen to a single word I’ve said. Feel me out instead.”
You’re feeling what I’m feeling too.
What’s behind those eyes is crystal clear.
My touch told her that I was hers.
The same thing that burns me up, makes your heart race.

Actions over words, especially when we’re without clothes.
Got lost in the heat of it all.
Everything feels like flames beating down against cold dreams.
Ignite possibilities & leave nothing the same.
Set this love on high.

You had me at once upon a time.
I know what your words all mean.
Spread your warmth with every touch of your heart.
I will do what it takes to make you feel pure.
Heart flow freely through & through.

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WTF: A Cure for What Now?

The Walk to Cure Gayness drew thousands of supporters.

Cobb County Evangelical Hospital held its 5th annual Walk to Cure Gayness this week, with thousands turning out to help raise funds and awareness. I guess every cause has a march.

*Face palms & then sighs loudly*

I wonder if they stopped at Chick-Fil-A?


Check out this video from the Onion News Network:


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