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Your voice is the message & the carrier.

There’s seven messages and yours is the only one worth hearing.
Your voice is soothing, even in your silence there is something calming.
Bills can be paid. Jobs can be earned.
But you’ve never been that simple.

You aren’t a distraction when you’re the reason I’m still here.

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Quote: Who Needs You

“How can you lose something you didn’t know you had?” – Me (and probably someone famously quoted)

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On & On (Under Red Lights)

We just passed the city lights like the night life was nothing at all.
We don’t want to be entertained, we simply need love.
I wish I had the courage to do & say as I feel without taking this sip of Corona.
Fill my cup with something other than alcohol.

Red light, green light.
I’m used to waiting my turn, but you shouldn’t have to wait.
Before I go, you should know.

And we’ll go, on & on.
On & on, past life as we knew.
On & on, to something new, something more.
We keep moving towards something we can call our own.

I’m sorry I’m so selfish.
Can I let you in on a little secret?
It took some time, but I think I’ve fallen for you in the worst way.
And your silence only makes me want to speak up.
I’m tired of running & drowning myself in distractions that only give me temporary satisfaction.
I’ve had my fun & I’ve tried my hand at loving anyone that came my way.
Being physical leaves me emotional after the fact, call it a delayed reaction.

I want it all, something I can feel deeper than skin deep, I wouldn’t mind if you stayed too long.
So I took the fall, I said my piece & jotted it all down, so you wouldn’t forget it.
No, I don’t regret it, don’t forget it.

And we’ll go, on & on.
On & on, past life as we knew.
On & on, to something new, something more.
We keep moving towards something we can call our own.

So here I am, sitting under a red light with no intention of stopping.
I wish you’d come & find me.
Read me my rights, lock me away, I know I’m not innocent, I’m jaded as can be.
But with you I can’t help but to be kind & unwind.
So take your time, cus I took mine.
I know that you’ll come find me when the moment’s right.

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Tinted Windows

Life outside this window show me something new.
I don’t know where to go.
Nothing strikes my attention like it should.
Even now reflections are casted on these tinted windows.
I can see you, but clearly you don’t see the way I look out for you.
Look out for me.
You just see reflections of where you are.
You can’t see inside.
I can’t make you look deeper.
We are not close enough to know just how far we are.
How far do I have to go?

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Believe You Me

What do I have to do to move on again?
Never knew I missed so much.
Always thought I was wrong when I knew I was right.
Hesitation becomes contagious when loss becomes your only tie to home.
People are going to think that we’re fools.
They’re gonna hide and seek us out when they’re ready to bring us down.
But I’m not ready to fall and break my crown.
I’m not ready to give up.
Now I’m climbing boxes and opening memories that should’ve been stored until you were ready.
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