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Check out this guest article of mine over at The Narcissist’s Blog, with Teri Jensen. She got me to write something that wasn’t a poem; it takes a rare woman to do that. Please peruse through her insightful blog.

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An Honest Question

What does it mean when someone says, “When can I see you again?”

Does that question come off a tad “romantic” sounding when compared to:

“Hey, why don’t we hang out some time?”

“Let’s do something this weekend.”

Normally I’ve said or heard the words, “When can I see you again?” while dating someone, so I’m just wondering if that sentiment is generally the same across the board.

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What’s Your Mantra


If there was ever a manta I could believe in, this would be one of them.

What’s your mantra?

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Drunk in the Spirit

I posted this question on my Facebook page yesterday & I forgot to post it on here.

Is it okay to have a hangover at church?

I’m fully aware of what it means to be “drunk in the spirit” or “speaking in tongues”, but that’s not what I’m talking about. Not this time anyway.

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Real Talk: Lend Me Your Ear

“A guy that lends his ear to girl’s talk isn’t a man.” – Whitney


Hold up. Could someone please explain that statement to me.

If she means that any guy that a girl talks to as though she were talking to one of her girls is NOT (seen as) a man, I could understand that.

But Whitney did not say that & upon asking her what she meant by that statement she said, “Girls talk to their girlfriends, not their men.”

Fundamentally I see something wrong with that way of thinking. And then I thought about times when women consult with other women about things rather than just asking the guy directly what’s going on.

*Raises hand*

Am I missing something?
Or am I just niave about how relationships & women work?

Now I’m not assuming that my friend is the “Spokeswoman for Women Everywhere”, but I’m sure she isn’t the only girl that thinks that way. And I am not trying to convince her of anything, I’m just wondering why that “logic” seems to be so…. prevalent or natural.

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