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Kiss The In Between

I want to kiss you, to show you that the world is not black & white.
I want to kiss you, to show you that the world is not filled with grey.
I want to kiss you, because knowledge is power, and power is something entirely different.
I want to slip into the truths which lie in between the things you have seen & the things you’ve yet to experience for yourself.
I want to kiss you, to show you that nothing remains the same.

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WTF: White-Power Forever!

I am in full support of this White-Power gathering! There I said it.

White-Power has never looked better!

The White-Power wedding will be sure to leave a few ivory cone-heads looking whiter than Casper.

I just want to hear the Minister say, “I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. White-Power.”
And I want to see the look on the faces of the extremely bewildered bigots who wander into the reception.

God bless their White-Power babies, and give them the power to make every Teacher who calls their names during morning attendance to think they’re being punk’d.

Let’s raise our glasses in celebration of this pure White-Power love.


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The Black & The Gray

Lovely head to toe black on white approaching me.
Standing close to me it’s plain to see why you naturally appeal to me.
Taste your scent, like your look, love your feel.
Familiarity quickly connects all of our senses.
Subtly the brightness of your darkness found its way over to me.
When someone as strong as you makes their presence known, the whole room takes notice.

Not quite the yin to your yang.
I’m blurred in gray.
Soft tones, unsure of whether I should be good for you or just good at being bad.
It feels very different to be consumed by the middle of this colored spectrum.
I’m the continuation of your black & white views with my black & gray stance.
Your soft long hair & my short rugged shave felt just right.

I sway when you stand still & listen when you talk.
You trust me enough to give me your number, your comfort, your time & your touch.
We mix our light & dark qualities with ease.
Take something away unless our bodies desire to stay.

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