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Black Lives Matter

Too many Black people have died, and there are not enough words to excuse why or how they’ve died so horrifically. Every time the Black Community witnesses the reckless murdering of our Brothers and Sisters, especially at the hands of those who are sworn to protect all of us, we die too inside. We lose any sense of peace we have with every video we have to watch, every character assassination story, every excuse uttered by someone playing Devil’s Advocate, and every Racist weaponizing our very existence against us.

You can’t expect people to not feel outraged when their cries go unheard. Every stance we’ve taken up till now is WRONG, but no one seems to know the RIGHT way to give some humanity and justice to us. Racism has relentlessly snuffed out too many lives, hopes and choices. I’m tired of feeling so frustrated, it’s exhausting.

March, donate, educate and listen. Do whatever you can to encourage change.

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WTF: White-Power Forever!

I am in full support of this White-Power gathering! There I said it.

White-Power has never looked better!

The White-Power wedding will be sure to leave a few ivory cone-heads looking whiter than Casper.

I just want to hear the Minister say, “I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. White-Power.”
And I want to see the look on the faces of the extremely bewildered bigots who wander into the reception.

God bless their White-Power babies, and give them the power to make every Teacher who calls their names during morning attendance to think they’re being punk’d.

Let’s raise our glasses in celebration of this pure White-Power love.


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