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The De-evolution of Man

We can do so much better. We have to, for all our sakes.

We can do so much better. We have to, for all our sakes.

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When To Put Down The Pen

1) You’ve had more than enough characters running around in your head.

2) The cramps in your style outweigh the cramps in your hand.

3) There’s nothing more you can say. Every detail seems lackluster & understated.

4) It’s time to put down the pen when you can do so with ease. The addiction has lost its appetite.

5) If you don’t care about the misstakes you’ve obviously made, u should stop.

6) Recklessly excessive use of unnecessary words is a major sign you’ve gone over the deep end. Word porn can be annoying.

Disclaimer: I am not “putting down the pen”.

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Eaton Centre Gun Scare Pt. 2

The youngest victim of the Eaton Centre shooting was awake and alert Monday after undergoing intensive surgery.

“After complicated neurosurgery, we are happy to say that he is doing well, all things considered; he is alert and talking,” said the 13-year-old Port Hope boy’s parents in a statement. “It will be a long healing process, but we are optimistic that he will recover.”

The boy, whose name cannot be released due to a publication ban, was hit in the skull with a stray bullet during a gun attack at the mall’s food court Saturday evening that left 24-year-old Ahmed Hassan dead and six others injured. Christopher Husbands, 23, was arrested early Monday after he turned himself in to police. He faces one charge of first-degree murder and six counts of attempted murder after the shooting that investigators say was “personal,” not gang-related.

Toronto police say it’s a matter of “happenstance” that three men, allegedly members of the same street gang, came to be face to face in a crowded Eaton Centre food court when shots rang out Saturday evening.

Now one of them is dead, another is lying in a hospital bed with bullet wounds and a third, who was supposed to be under house arrest on another charge at the time, is accused of pulling the trigger that sparked mass panic at the downtown shopping hub.

Notes, flowers and teddy bears have been left at a memorial outside the Eaton Centre following Saturday’s shooting.

Source: The National Post

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Eaton Centre Gun Scare

“When violence like this takes place in our city, we all have to stand up and say we won’t tolerate it.”

Yesterday evening chaos erupted at the Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto after a shooter let off a string of bullets in the packed food court on the lower level of the mall.

The barrage of bullets killed a 25-year-old man, injured seven other people and sparked a hysterical mass exodus of the huge multi-level shopping centre around 6:30 p.m.

Among those injured in the incident, police said a 20-year-old man and a 13-year-old boy were in critical condition, and a woman and a man had serious injuries. A pregnant woman who was trampled in the rush to get out of the mall went into labour and another woman was grazed by a bullet.

The shooting appears to have been a targeted one that left innocent bystanders caught in the middle, and police vowed to track the suspect down.

Police are now going through video surveillance and cross referencing witness statements as they try to pull together a clear picture of the shooting and the person who was holding the gun.

“It was unbelievable … It was out of the blue,” said 19-year-old Marcus Neves-Polonio who was working in the mall’s food court when he saw a man pull out a gun and start firing.

“As soon as I heard the gunshots, I ducked under the table.”

Others who saw the shooting scrambled for cover behind chairs, in washrooms and nearby stores, while others sprinted for the exits upstairs.

St. Michael’s Hospital along with other places in the surrounding area were put on lockdown as soon as news of this horrifying incident broke out.

This is NOT a Toronto that I want to know.
When did the Eaton Centre become a gun range? Do people have such disregard for the lives innocent bystanders that they are not afraid to shoot up the busiest mall in downtown Toronto in broad daylight?

I love walking around this mall & I can’t help thinking what would have happened to me if I was there?

My heart goes out to the people that were killed, injured & scared for their lives.

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The Non-Conformist Friendship Party

Friends should not be put on a leash. When you have real friends you should allow them to meet. Sure some of them might not get along at first (or at all) but if they care about you, that common interest should be enough. Every friendship functions differently.

Why do some people like having Splinter Cells (groups)?

Splinter Cells are small groups that separate & operate independently of each other & each serves a particular purpose.

Whether that is done because you like having a “getaway” from the norm or because you have your own messed up insecurities, it’s not fair to your friend(s). It’s not fair to keep people apart because you feel that you will no longer be the center of attention. Look, no one wants to steal your spotlight, well none of your real friends anyway.

So I’ve decided that my friends & other people who think like them should be called “The Non-Conformist Friendship Party” because we like to mix & mingle with everyone. Friends, families & love interests are welcome to join us without fear of exclusion, judgment or griping about attention. We’re friends because we actually like each other. It’s not about race, money, creed, looks or labels.

At the end of the day it’s about trust & respect. We trust that we’ll be in each others corner & we respect each others decisions. Now we may not always agree or like those decisions, but we won’t badger you about it.

So what are your ground rules for a good friendship?

In honor of my friends that saw Avengers with me this weekend, Non-Conformist Friendship Party Assemble!

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