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Twin Souls (Redamancy)

My soul is reflected in your flame.

My soul is reflected in your flame.

You’ve got a way with me
Your words fill the gap between reality & fantasy
You don’t feel like anybody else
You’re one of a kind

I noticed that your heart was looking for me
Stop searching for a reason to move on, please stay
You will feel better, you will feel whole
Lay your peace into me & this piece will be complete

We fit together so well
I wanna be between your bliss & your beauty
My soul is reflected in your flame
As fingers intertwined, two souls held divine
Let your lips against mine say what they need to say

Redamancy (n.): The act of loving one who loves you; a love returned in full.

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Black Diamond

I see it hiding in your eyes, all you’ve got are these few stolen moments.
Somehow you still captivate and keep me guessing.
I can see myself in your reflection even at night, so I’ll do my best to show you how lovely you look in mine.
It couldn’t get any harder, to keep this secret to myself, so I’ll let you in on what little I know.
You’re not as rough as you thought, but you’re every bit as precious as platinum or gold when you let a smile break through the clouds in your life.
We’ll pickup where we left off, if you’ll let me hold you.
You’re a black diamond that can’t stop shining.
If I can’t love you up close than I’ll admire you from afar.
Every single angle looks brilliant to me as you find your place and ease your way into a comfortable silence right next to me.
I’ll call you my black diamond because you’re so rare and priceless.
No other jewel has ever made me feel so good.

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