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Masks (Pt. 1)


It’s hard to shake such a simple need
Love was never a lie
Do you dare to bare yourself to my devotion?

You look like a dream, but that’s the problem
In this light everything seems so right
You don’t have to pretend to be perfect

We can live with our imperfections
Don’t tell me what I want to hear
Tell me what you need

What are you hiding behind?

I wish you were real
I didn’t come to be entertained
Let’s lay this act to rest

Cancel all these complications
No one’s heart wants to be mistaken
We’ll confess our weaknesses until there’s none left

Show me something real

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It’s 3:30 in the morning, and you’re still on my mind.
Between this little light and all the noise at night, what little peace I’ve found is mine to treasure.
You were in my dreams again, and I don’t know why.
I wish you well, but I must lay your name to rest.
We are who we are, not who we once were, I know that now.
This is what it means to feel in a world where nothing stays the same.
It’s 3:30 in the morning, and we’ll never be the same again.

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End Of Me


I used to be right for all the wrong reasons.
I can’t be who I once was with you looking at me the way you do.

With each kiss you teach me to be fearless.
You always break through the heartache.

Remember those lonely days no longer.
Here by your side, let our future set us free.

Never look back.
I look forward to you.

I love you, I love us.
You are the end of me.

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Rest your hand on my heart.

Nurse me back to life with your smile, when I can’t breathe.
Love me until I’m at peace.
You’re the cure to this violent insomnia.

Rest your hand on my heart.

Stay with me through the visiting night.
Slow the rushing traffic in my wandering mind.
Everything isn’t anything, when you’re so close I can hear you breathe.

Rest your hand on my heart.
Give me your love.
Wrap me up in your embrace, so I can go to sleep.

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Take Over


When I want to fight over nothing
Quiet the fires raging in my mind
When I’m bothered by words that aren’t even true
Give me a good word so true there’s nothing to question

When I’m not sure of anything
Remind me of all the things I wish I knew
When all eyes are on me
Show me that you’re the only one worth seeing

When everything takes me under
Take over
When I’m the worst of the worst
Get the best of me to rise to the surface

Take over
I need you now
Take over

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