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Transcend Touch (Revised)

When I feel you in my arms, I’m holding more than just your body.
I’m not grasping at just your physical being, I’m holding onto something unseen.
The core of your soul, your essence supreme.
Your touch is intense, your presence is surreal.
These eyes yearn to discover the depths of your entirety.
These feelings want to be deeper than skin deep.
These fingers walking along your body yearn to transcend touch.
These whispers want to be louder than they sound, they want to echo inside of you.
These are more than just words.

This is my everything.

This is my entire being bare before you.
I don’t blame you if you can’t understand, I barely do myself.
But I don’t know any other way to let you know,
that I’m not being less than honest with you.
Right now I’m more real and true than I’ve ever been.
Truly, deeply, madly I say, I can’t wait till tomorrow.
Tomorrow I might be gone, burnt to ashes by your blazing heat.
I can’t ride it out.
I don’t want you now, I want you right now.
When I say I want you, I don’t just mean your body.
I want your mind, body and soul.

Your beautiful flaws and heartfelt scars.

So stay with me tonight.
Let’s see what we can become.
We’ll leave ourselves behind.
Our closeness will carry us through the night.

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