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WTF: Too Hot to Work With

Calm down. She's just looking for files.

Calm down. She’s just looking for files.

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant that he found attractive simply because he and his wife viewed the woman as a threat to their marriage, the all-male Iowa Supreme Court ruled Friday.

The court ruled 7-0 that bosses can fire employees they see as an “irresistible attraction,” even if the employees have not engaged in flirtatious behavior or otherwise done anything wrong. Such firings may be unfair, but they are not unlawful discrimination under the Iowa Civil Rights Act because they are motivated by feelings and emotions, not gender, Justice Edward Mansfield wrote.

An attorney for Fort Dodge dentist James Knight said the decision, the first of its kind in Iowa, is a victory for family values because Knight fired Melissa Nelson in the interest of saving his marriage, not because she was a woman.

But Nelson’s attorney said Iowa’s all-male high court, one of only a handful in the nation, failed to recognize the discrimination that women see routinely in the workplace.
“These judges sent a message to Iowa women that they don’t think men can be held responsible for their sexual desires and that Iowa women are the ones who have to monitor and control their bosses’ sexual desires,” said attorney Paige Fiedler. “If they get out of hand, then the women can be legally fired for it.”

Nelson, 32, worked for Knight for 10 years, and he considered her a stellar worker. But in the final months of her employment, he complained that her tight clothing was distracting, once telling her that if his pants were bulging that was a sign her clothes were too revealing, according to the opinion.
He also once allegedly remarked about her infrequent sex life by saying, “that’s like having a Lamborghini in the garage and never driving it.”

Knight and Nelson – both married with children – started exchanging text messages, mostly about personal matters, such as their families. Knight’s wife, who also worked in the dental office, found out about the messages and demanded Nelson be fired. The Knights consulted with their pastor, who agreed that terminating Nelson was appropriate.

Knight fired Nelson and gave her one month’s severance. He later told Nelson’s husband that he worried he was getting too personally attached and feared he would eventually try to start an affair with her.
Nelson was stunned because she viewed the 53-year-old Knight as a father figure and had never been interested in starting a relationship, Fiedler said.

Nelson filed a lawsuit alleging gender discrimination, arguing she would not have been terminated if she was male. She did not allege sexual harassment because Knight’s conduct may not have risen to that level and didn’t particularly offend her, Fiedler said.
Knight argued Nelson was fired not because of her gender, but because her continued employment threatened his marriage. A district judge agreed, dismissing the case before trial, and the high court upheld that ruling.

Mansfield noted that Knight had an all-female workforce and Nelson was replaced by a woman.
He said the decision was in line with state and federal court rulings that found workers can be fired for relationships that cause jealousy and tension within a business owner’s family. One such case from the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a business owner’s firing of a valued employee who was seen by his wife as a threat to their marriage. In that case, the fired employee had engaged in flirtatious conduct.

Knight’s attorney, Stuart Cochrane, said the court got it right. The decision clarified that bosses can make decisions showing favoritism to a family member without committing discrimination; in this case, by allowing Knight to honor his wife’s wishes to fire Nelson, he said.

“While there was really no fault on the part of Mrs. Nelson, it was just as clear the decision to terminate her was not related to the fact that she was a woman,” he said. “The motives behind Dr. Knight terminating Mrs. Nelson were quite clear: He did so to preserve his marriage.

“I don’t view this as a decision that was either pro-women or opposed to women rights at all. In my view, this was a decision that followed the appropriate case law.”

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Quote: Time or Words

Quote: Time or Words

You have a responsibility.

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WTF: Billy’s Got A Gun

Texas Gun Range to Host Birthday Parties for Children. Seriously.

Imagine the hell of a child’s birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese, and then add guns to the equation. Instead of bowling alley or laser tag birthdays, Texas parents will soon be able to host parties at a less traditional venue, a family-friendly gun range set to open this summer.

The range will have two rooms for children’s birthday parties so the young partygoers can attend a class and then fire a few rounds before cake and presents.

“A lot of people don’t know how to shoot a gun so we’re providing education and training for shooters of all ages,” range owner David Prince told “They have birthday parties with go-karts and trampolines — with proper education before going into a gun range, why not a birthday party?”

The Eagle Gun Range in Lewisville will be a 24-lane facility targeted toward both avid and novice shooters. Children eight years and older, who are tall enough to shoot over the shooting table, will be able to fire at the range. According to Texas guns laws, parents or guardians must give written permission for children under 18 to possess or fire a weapon.

“They’ll be in the classroom, walk into the range, shoot, go back to the classroom, and have cake and ice cream,” Prince said. “There’s no pinata. It’s not festive like that. There are safety glasses, ear protection, and that’s the only time they test the gun.”

Prince said that both parents and children will attend a safety class taught by a National Rifle Association (NRA) certified instructor before going anywhere near a gun.

“A parent or guardian or NRA instructor will all be in arm’s range,” he said. “There’s no child that will be walking around with a gun at a birthday party.”

The young children will be shooting BB guns and .22 pistols and can move up from there as they get older.

“We’re reaching out and trying to educate people so they understand there is a responsibility that goes with the right and privilege to bear arms,” said Prince, 62. “It’s a responsibility to learn how to do it effectively and safely.”

“It’s been 30 years since a gun range was built in Dallas,” he added. “There’s huge demand and little supply so I reached out to meet the supply. This is all parent-driven. We’re not going out pulling kids off the street. Parents are coming in and want this for their children.”

Prince said he has received hundreds of emails from supportive parents who want to bring their children and said he does not know of any other range that offers similar training and education for children.

But some parents are already expressing concern over the new party spot.

“It makes me very nervous,” Dawn McMullan told ABC News’ Dallas affiliate WFAA. “I think eight-year-olds, developmentally, can’t tell the difference between play and reality sometimes.”

McMullan is an East Dallas mother of two boys who has been involved in gun control advocacy.

“To put it in a party or game atmosphere just seems to not respect a gun as much as we should respect guns,” she told WFAA.

The Eagle Gun Range has found itself at the center of a national debate over gun rights, discussions about how young is too young and even a source of material for comedians.

On “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the comedian joked, “The range says kids, for them to be able to shoot, they have to be eight years old and need to be tall enough to see over the shooting table, but other than that, the only rule is no shooting in the bouncy house.”

Kimmel also shot a spoof video where a Chuck E. Cheese’s became a Chuck E. Norris and children ate cake off of guns and took aim at each other.

Prince said the range is “thankful and blessed” for the attention and he enjoyed Kimmel’s skit.

“We thought it was hilarious,” Prince said of the sketch. “I don’t care for him as a comedian, but that particular skit was funny.”
Prince maintains that what he is doing at the range is no different from the Boy Scouts’ being trained in rifle shooting or children playing video games with guns.

“[Kids] have been aiming and shooting guns forever with video games. Why not use a real gun and let them know what the differences are? It’s not a toy. They need to know that. How are they going to know that if we don’t tell them and show them?”

The gun range is scheduled to open later this summer.

Since Super heroes seem to be blowing up this Summer, I figured I’d get the opinion of one. Okay so he’s not a hero per say, but he uses guns & is known for shooting off his mouth. Ladies & Gents here is what Marvel Comics, Deadpool, had to say on this topic:

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Filler (Ends With You)

Half of a heart ain’t much to live by.
Keep holding back although I don’t know why.
I don’t know the way to keep you inside.
Like the air that fills these lungs, I’ve got to open up to let you in.
To let you out without a doubt is something that I’m still learning.

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