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Charlie Sheen x Charlie Brown

This is Charlie Sheen’s world. We’re just living in it. Whereas Robert Downey. Jr. resuscitated and redefined his career by cleaning up to portray Iron Man, Charlie Sheen became the real-life Tony Stark. He makes deranged narcissistic self-destruction look fun and that is so NOT fair (but still fun).

I think the first thought anyone had when seeing all of the video of Charlie Sheen’s lunacy is “How long will it take for a video mash-up with this and Charlie Brown?” Jimmy Kimmel’s viral video experts fortunately went to work and churned this out, a hybrid of Sheen’s interview with ABC and a Charlie Brown cartoon. This video is made of “win”. Instant CLASSIC.

Here’s some more bang for your non-existent buck.

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The 13 Most Talked-About Commercials of 2010 – Yahoo! TV Blog

At the height of the holiday season, it’s hard to remember any commercials other than the ones featuring the constant drone of public-domain Christmas carols. But 2010 was actually a pretty innovative year for the TV ad industry: commercials made superstars out of nobodies, revived careers, and introduced the world to the concept of edible cat litter. Here are thirteen of the most talked-about ads of 2010.

via The 13 Most Talked-About Commercials of 2010 – Yahoo! TV Blog.

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