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As long as there’s distance
There’s a chance to get away
A whisper isn’t the same from a thousand feet away
Give up your secrets
I won’t be another one of them
What do you want from me?

Ignore what I’m saying so you can continue feeling the same
Do not disturb a thing cus you like things just the way they are
Can’t touch you; don’t want you to break like porcelain
When you hit the ground running, I have to wonder whether you’re running from me or the pain?
Everybody’s got problems as long as they’ve got breath

Nobody’s got more reasons to stay gone than the heart that’s been wronged
Yet you keep me on the phone with promises of one on one quality time
Face to face dreams, oh what a shame
Wake up with the other side of the bed still empty all the same
Hate to bitch & moan, but I’m not trying to make a bitch moan
I’ve tried to beat it into your heart from the moment our song started playing
Even when it’s all over, you continue dancing around feelings like you’re trying to make it rain

You don’t want to be alone with me
It’s safer on the other side of the line
If you think this can last, you would be wrong
You can’t push my buttons & expect me to stay
My condolences to your consolation prizes
Nobody wants to lie to themselves just to keep you warm

As long as there’s distance
There’s a chance to get away
So I’ll get away to make up for the pain
Give someone good some good love
I won’t be afraid to get close & keep it that way
What could be better?
Ready, set, go!

This is an unreleased entry from last year. I reworked it after finding it in my email.

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