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Window Display

Every look writes a story.

Every look writes a story.

Day & night we can’t hide what we feel
Every wall they’ve built up comes crashing down
Lower your thoughts, our urges are bottomless
So we keep going to prove our passion’s reach
Caught up in the moment, we perform like we’re on Broadway

React to the touch of my hand
Bringing attention to parts unknown
You’re safe with me
Allow our tongues to provoke intensity
Body language knows when to obey
Let my love demonstrate in ways which syllables lack

Our existence is acknowledged with each breath we release
Exploration requires dedication
Don’t rush a thing when it comes to desire
Touch till you feel as though you can read me like braille
More than metaphoric bliss, each kiss gives birth to a new world
Can’t escape this euphoria we’ve made

Every look writes a story
Temptation is without hesitation between us
Do what comes natural
Who cares who sees us, as long as our eyes are on each other
Against the glass our love will last
Don’t look back

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Only decisions made in heat could last.

Only decisions made in heat could last.

Her passion
Her power
Her body & mind

His sole purpose became to consume every inch of her
To experience her in her vast entirety
In time his hunger would become hers & fuel her desires
No apologies, no excuses
Only decisions made in heat could last
She claimed his attention with no intention of release
She had acquired a taste for him and his ways

His vision
His breath
His depth of soul

They swallowed each other with feverish delight
As passion splashed across their bodies
Their time had been consumed with satisfaction

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Thrill Seeker (Pt. 2)

I hear her urges crying out, tempting fate.
In a world where no one takes your place, you can do no wrong.
Eye to eye, I know you can’t get enough.
Hesitance is the enemy, take a shot at it.
Just get down on this glass floor where heaven only knows.
We’re above all your worries left in the world down below.
Peered beyond the place in your dreams.
This isn’t the end.

The way I know your mind is deeper than you realize.
The only thing you planned on blowing was my mind.
Somehow we ended up dancing in the dark with the light against our backs.
No more words, there’s only moves to make.
Cut to the chase before life comes calling.
My train of thought is on your track, high-speed all the way.
Next stop lust for life, for darkness & light.

Can’t contain the fire spreading through her veins.
Are you gonna add me to your body count?
Thrill seeker, overdose on everything you say.
Thrill seeker, heart attack watching you move.

The way I know your body is beyond reason.
Make your body shake.
I just can’t leave you alone, I know this much is true.
Set your world ablaze.
Hooked on chasing after that look on your face.
Reveal the M.O. behind that look in your eyes.
When it’s said & done you’re all killer, no filler.
My lil thrill seeker.

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Passion Club

If I make a move, you'll be gone for sure. Join your passions with mine.

If I make a move, you’ll be gone for sure. Join your passions with mine.

Kept my finger on the pulse of your pleasure.
I can tell just what you want.
If I make a move, you’ll be gone for sure.
Sent into the stratosphere & beyond.
I need your mind & body here so I can carry on.
So forgive me if I tease you a little more.

I like pushing your buttons.
Let’s find out what this one does.
Open yourself to me & I will let myself in.
Take me in & I will set your body free.
Don’t be afraid to fall.
Come with me, if you’re ready to live.
Join your passions with mine.

Shouldn’t take me too long to get you loving.
I’ll turn you out like I’m flipping through pages.
Read between the lines, without a single word said.
Turn you on so I can enjoy the show.
Raise the volume so I can hear you go.
Loud & clear love, I’ll give you what you’re looking for.

Oh sweet lady, you’ve been thinking of me.
And now that I’m here you have nothing to say.
Did I leave you at a loss for words?
When I push up on you, I’m sure you’ll have something to say.
Pump, pump, pump, pump it.
I think she’s ready to blow.
You try to fight it, although you’re closer than ever before.
Let go as you hold on to me.

With just one kiss your passion is burning bright.
Yearning to expose me to what you’re all about.
Your burning flames are wet with desire.
Make me feel something that I can’t find out there.
Join your passions with mine.

I almost left you where you lay.
You say you still need me.
Better circle back around with this finger of mine, so I can chase your every desire.
You’re not finished with me yet.
There goes another day.
We could make this last forever.
Join your passions with mine.

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Quotes: Dreams of Contentment

She's right.

She’s right.

This is a natural conclusion to arrive at.

This is a natural conclusion to arrive at.

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