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This is how it begins, beautiful & fragile.

This is how it begins, beautiful & fragile.

Don’t say another word
Until you’ve heard my heart
Your presence echoes in ways that words can’t define

Paint some joy upon my face
Say tomorrow’s gonna be the day
Until then I’m just living behind a smile

I remember the last time that I saw you
The secrets I don’t show, are the signs I don’t even understand yet
It always breaks my heart, but I still smile anyway

I’m tired, sleepless nights are common fare
I just wish it was you keeping me up & not questions of where we stand
Hold my hand & set me free within

When my virtue’s vulnerable
I am man, I am material, for you to hold
This is how it begins, beautiful & fragile

I’m just an ordinary man, I’m no angel
You know where I’ve been
Holding you is the only heaven I’ve had

I’m lost on you, return to me love
On the edge of desire
Your every touch is reason to have you now

When lips get lost, hearts find their place
Show me how to love
Make me feel it in my bones

Nothing tastes as sweet as what we can’t have
Let’s forget our tired ways
Only then will the words be spoken


Tonight could be the dream that keeps us awake
Come in closer & we’ll find a reason to believe
I don’t mind, if you don’t mind


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Now & Then

How can you stay away from something that makes you feel so good?

She doesn’t like to think of me when I’m gone.
She doesn’t like to wait for the next time.
She doesn’t see the point in living for tomorrow.
She’s all about the here & now, so don’t make any plans.

I wouldn’t take your calls, so here you are.
Before me there was no exception to the rules.
The past was the past, leave it where it lay.
But tonight you’re chasing after something.
You can’t run from what you couldn’t see coming.
She’s done looking for excuses.
She’s lost in the heat of it all.

He won’t pick up the phone anymore.
He won’t trade secrets for affections tonight.
He won’t go out of his way for something that’s uncertain.
He’s all about keeping it simple, less is more.

How can you stay away from something that makes you feel so good?
You were out of touch, lost in the world while it was rush hour in your head.
You can’t find a reason for anything when you’re lost in translation.
Some time apart broke your heart in ways that you can’t even begin to explain.
Your eyes say all the things that this sea of words seems to drown out.
How do you put out a fire that you didn’t start?
He can’t play it cool anymore.
He’s about to give in to the heat of it all.

No one wants to feel alone when you’re so close.
Some call that desperation, I call it yearning.
I can’t ignore you & I can’t miss you when you’re this close.
It brings me to my knees like a prayer.
You keep on moving from the back of my mind to the front of the line.
You parked yourself beside me & left your worries blowing in the traffic.
If you wanna keep calm, carry on starring at me.
I’d rather swim in the wonder I see behind your eyes.
I can never look away for too long, that’s why I feel the way I do.
It’s been too long & I could use someone like you.
Let’s keep it real until we’re ready to dream together.
Tomorrow’s in your hands & the past is safe in mine.

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Quote: Resistance

“Your resistance just proves that we’re on to something.” – Ruth Maloney (Infinity Inc.)

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Saving Face AKA “Don’t Look At That”

I’m sure we all have something on our minds that we’d like to keep to ourselves, but why do we keep things on our phones when we know that other people could see them and cause an embarrassing situation?

How many of us have heard this line before someone gives you their phone/camera?

“Just look at this photo, don’t go to the next one.”

Why don’t we get rid of those photos instead of fretting each time we hand someone a peek at our memories?

And for the record, yes I have something on my phone, but no it’s not THAT.


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