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WTF: Sex In The Afterlife


How? What? Why?

The idea of this makes me cringe, and then laugh uncomfortably.  This reminds me of a card from the game “Cards Against Humanity” which states:

F**king a corpse back to life.

This isn’t about Necrophilia, but it’s still just as odd of a concept.

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Only What We Want


We see only what we want.
Our eyes devour that which our lips yearn to discover.
I see the sounds you make as my hunger swallows your body.
Let me feed your appetite for dynamite.

Take it out, let it in.

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Woman In Flames


Woman in flames.
You don’t even realize how long you’ve been dancing in these flames.
Such beauty burning before me; come closer.

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Red Wine


Her wine fueled touch tempts me.
How am I supposed to behave with her lips tracing along my neck, staining my body with desire?
She doesn’t want surrender, she wants exploration.
Red wine gave her vision, and I’ve become her focus.

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Something in the Night


Show me your story as I look into your eyes

When your soul’s curious your body follows suit
The more we see, the more we wish to know
Discovery is supposed to be different
Let’s live with the night and the light at our backs

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