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Kissing Shadows (Pt. 2)

Don't say a word, just come closer.

Don’t say a word, just come closer.

I see your desire.
Your body betrays your silence.
These aren’t love drunk kisses, to be washed away by the morning light.
When we are alone we become different.
Colored by the light in our eyes
I want to see you in the dark, glowing ever bright.
You are what you love, not what left you.
Don’t say a word, just come closer.
Let these lips speak to your heart, one kiss at a time.

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Kissing Shadows (Pt. 1)

This is how we lose ourselves.

This is how we lose ourselves.

Every time I see you I don’t know what to feel.
Is there a wrong way to love somebody?
We kiss the dark in search of the light.
You can feel the line start to tremble.
It’s impossible not to feel fondness melting into our every touch.
This is how we lose ourselves.
But that’s what we want in all honesty,
To be lost & found in an instant, a moment of truth.
The change is sudden & it’s never for nothing.

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Faded Father

“In Your Shadow I Can Shine” by Paperdol

I never knew you & not sure if I want to.
Learning about you just might change everything.
But that’s not my fear, it’s “what if nothing changes at all?”
I can face my fears, but I’m done with disappointment.
Let downs are like put downs, it’s just that you’re not around to actually deliver the blows.
What little I know of you might just be fiction.
Memories fade & restoring them takes so much out of me.
I’m nothing like you & yet I’m stuck in your skin.
You made me, aren’t you proud?
No, I’m my own creation.
You had little to nothing to do with who I am now.
Some dreams are right & some dreams are so wrong.
Four out of twenty seven isn’t enough to dilute or dissuade me.
I used to wonder about nature versus nurture everytime I looked at my reflection.
I no longer do those things.
My mind & my DNA have changed without exposure to your ways.
I’ve built up an immunity to your shadow & the way it hangs over me.
It all comes down to who I want to be, I can see that clearly now.
I am not you, I am me.

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