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Only you know who you really are.

Only you know who you really are.

We didn’t ask our hearts to be martyrs.
Yet we gave up the ghost & everything in between.
Lost in what we’ve lost, we’re running with the devil.
We’re at odds with our odds of success.
Something’s gotta give along the way.

Lose your place.
Find a friend.
Change your mind.
It’s time to mend.

There’ll be long walks ahead.
Where you’re going you must be open.
Look for something worth seeing.
Everybody knows your story,
but only you know who you really are.

Lose your way.
Find a better day.
Change your destination.
It’s time to fly away.

Give us what we need, not what we seek.
Live life to express, not to suppress.
As sink is to swim, don’t go down wondering.
Send your heart down the line & the rest will follow.
Give it all away.
Pick up your heart, here is not where you were meant to stop.

Lose your fears.
Find some faith.
Change your views.
It’s time to feel again.

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