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WTF: This Is How A Drinking Problem Starts

I should come here more often.

I should come here more often.

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Hot N Sour

This is a story about the best and funniest moment of my day with my homegurl at work.
Here is the back story, during my short lived break at work I was drinking “Hot & Sour Soup” in my cup since I didn’t have a fork. I stopped by my friend’s workstation and took a seat. After taking what I thought was the last sip of broth, I turned to her and asked if she had a fork.

She hesitantly replied “No”, and then turned away.
With that response I immediately put the cup to my mouth and tilted my head back.
While I was tapping my cup, like a drummer bangs a bongo, she turns around and says “Here!”.
I responded by almost jumping out of the chair, causing some of the noodles and broth to spill onto my shirt. We both look at each other and burst out laughing hysterically.
After our laughing fit, we both were like, “What just happened!?”.

I told her that I’d post something about this today, but what I wasn’t expecting was to be influenced by NERD’s “Hot N Fun” featuring Nelly Furtado, from their 2010 album entitled “Nothing”.
While listening to it on XM Satellite Radio, I quickly starting parodying the lyrics as I often do and this is the end result.

Enjoy! Continue reading

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