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The Tipping Point

If I care too much, does that make me reckless?
When I feel so strongly, does it make me weak?
My heart goes out to you wherever you are, like an S.O.S. or a shot in the dark, throwing caution to the wind.
Selfishly I’d take a bullet for you, all or nothing sacrifice.
I’ve died many times for you & that was before I ever fell for you.
You inspire me to be fearless & to speak not my mind, but my heart.

I don’t really know how to hide to from you, so I take in everything like a perceptive listener would.
Slow to answer, but quick to hear the way your tears & smiles form on the tip of your tongue, your teeth & your lips.
Such inflection is reflection of the echoing love you project through the words that you’ve chosen to leave me with.
The way you carefully play each word to the beat & hold them close to your heart is with the same reckless passion that I am willing to dive into this new depth with.
No matter the hour your voice carries me to another place where love is not a question, but simply the answer to everything.

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The Economy of Words (A Word With You)

Blah Blah Blah (song)

What Did You Just Say?

Sometimes I think too many people in the world are making too much pointless noise with their mouths. All the crap that’s uttered when so little is really said. Me, I only speak when I feel I have something to say, and after that, I will fall silent again. Unless I’m joking or messing around with you, there is little to no need for me to overstate things or string together things just so I can hear my own voice. Even if you know everything there is to know about a topic doesn’t mean that you should talk about it to no end.

Gandhi’s autobiography has a full chapter about his own shyness, called “Shyness My Shield.” In which he states:

My hesitancy in speech, which was once an annoyance, is now a pleasure. Its greatest benefit has been that it has taught me the economy of words. (…) Proneness to exaggerate, to suppress or modify the truth, wittingly or unwittingly, is a natural weakness of man and silence is necessary in order to surmount it.”

In other words, don’t speak just to hear your voice. Give your words time to mean something, let them sink in before you drown someone in an ocean of Blah Blah Blahas Ke$ha so elegantly put it in her song. Silence doesn’t have to be awkward, it’s just a pause, a breath in between what was said and what is being taken in. So take that time to let someone else interject a.k.a. give their two cents. I only say this because someone who I speak to on a semi-regular basis has a habit of ranting and raving on with no end in sight, and I have to wonder why sometimes. Sometimes you can communicate how you feel a lot quicker and clearer just by choosing the right words and delivering them with the right tone or pacing. What you say matters, but how you say it matters more.

If words were like the air that we breathed, would you waste them?
Pick your words carefully. Each word is ammunition, so use it well and make it count.

Ready. Aim. Speak.

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