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Private Practice

Put my heart on the line, your body will be mine.

Put my heart on the line, your body will be mine.

Curtains pulled back, lights shut off.
Privacy won’t be an issue tonight.
Phone’s off & we’re just strangers in paradise.
Nothing’s interrupting the way we feel.
The only ones enjoying the view will be you & I, so take it all in like a first-hand high.
This will change your life, trust me.

This isn’t an accident, but either way you’ve ended up on my operating table & I’m gonna set you right.
Pain has no place here, the past has no bearing on your current condition.
Put my heart on the line, your body will be mine.
Tell me what you need & have your way with me.

I’m either gonna get slapped or married if I say what’s on my mind.
Sounds like a win-win situation to me cus I know exactly what I’m in for.
TLC is the only cure.
Before you go to sleep I’m gonna take you to paradise.
Hold on till you feel something.

Let love resuscitate you.
It’s not too late.
I’m willing to try anything, I can’t quit.
Take my hand & have your way with me.
I’ll love you back to life.
Let the healing begin from the moment I taste your lips.

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Some Advice From Strangers In paradise

“You try to be so calm and casual about everything, but you’ve got a beast in you! You can’t hide it forever…” – Katchoo

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