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What’s Mine Is Yours Apparently

Want some?

So I’m at Starbucks minding my own business with my laptop on my lap as I’m leaning back on my chair, tilting it on an angle, with my back against the wall. I’m typing away on my laptop and I reach over to see that my drink, my Vanilla Bean Frappuccino, isn’t where it should be.

My white, frothy chilled drink has magically made its way into the mouth of this short, blonde, British girl who is wearing torn leggings under her jean skirt & has iPhone headphones in her ears.

You’re pretty. Is that my Grande in your mouth?

My drink is to my left, which is her right, while her drink is on her left. Our drinks look completely different & mine is a Grande, while hers is a Venti.

Hey I don’t mind sharing my goods, anyone that knows me knows this. I’m easy-going.

So she puts my drink down & I look at her & smile. We lock eyes & she smiles back at me for a second before she turns her attention back to her laptop. Hey I’m sure she doesn’t have Cooties or Mono, so I didn’t bother making an issue out of it.

Everything tastes better with you.

I get up & come back with a new straw & I put it in my drink. Yes, there are now 2 straws in the drink just in case she wants to act like we’re a couple & wants to continue getting to know me & my Grande. Weirder things have happened, I’ve experienced them.

She doesn’t even flinch as I do this. She doesn’t look up from her laptop. NOTHING.
Her phone vibrates & she answers it. She then shuts down her laptop while chatting away in her cute accent (what accent?). She takes her laptop & her drink as she leaves.

Let me repeat that, she takes HER laptop & HER drink as she leaves.

I watch her leave & I had to wonder, did she even realize what she had done?
Was she just trying to play it off or was she just completely absent-minded?

In the club I’d take that as an aggressive flirt, but in this case it comes off as an absent-minded “Flavor of the Week”.

Did you want something?

So here’s to me & my good taste!

What’s mine is yours. My drink, my attention & my number.

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Your innerness leaked out unfiltered, raw.
We know what’s meant by it.
What little you’ve said elaborated enough.
You were taken in, captured by the moment.
Couldn’t let go, until your temporary obsession was simply felt.
In that moment nothing was deeper; you reached down past the bottom; subterranean.

Nothing was lost in translation, what happened to you happened to another.
It wasn’t an epiphany, it was ‘phantom transference’, another unexpected connection reflected through our eyes.
Like ripples still being felt, we’ve only begun to make our presence known.
Without even knowing it, you came to realize the language of my humanity.

Collected through glances & silences where touches & words no longer dared to cross, we had an exchange.
You saw through the tact that kept me so composed.
Destiny hides in the trivial; gestures paint pictures, while energy sweats spirit profusely.
And experience is its own medium.
We make memories & we take from them what we will.
We’re not strangers anymore, you got me in the blink of an eye, without question.
You completed me, I let you.
Of you & I, there is no further separation.

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