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Cobalt Nights


All that was needed was a partner in crime.
And the only crime you’d be guilty of is being mine.
I used to be cobalt blue after you, so what’s one more night alone?
You can tell them everything I’ve done, it all amounts to nothing.
For the last time every last line you’ve laid out is coming down to put you away for good.
I don’t hate you, I don’t have to.
Our separation didn’t have to be so hard, but you just had to take me down to the fighting end for no good reason.
I promise that forgetting you will be easier than dancing on the cracks of every broken step.
You can’t be what you never were & I won’t watch our colours fade while you’re thinning away.
One by one each gamble you made with our happiness is coming up empty.
Don’t call me to be by your side when you were never there to see me through the pain.
Tell me something I couldn’t tell myself.
I’ll be taking my leave like last year did after the stroke of midnight.
I won’t let you paint my world with your views from the background, I’ve come too far to be tainted.
Beyond every sea of red is the clear air of an end.
Every black streak in these veins will be washed away, there’s no poison to keep you sustained.
May my love never end & may you find a friend, but it won’t be me.
Tell me that I am the only one after you’re the only one left behind.
Brighter nights make for better days & I have had more than my share in your absence.
Everything isn’t so black & white.
Love is a gradient not a wash.


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