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Ban on Baggy Pants (Don’t Trip)

Pants on the ground!

Pants on the ground!

If a New York Senator can get a ban on baggy pants passed, why can’t it work here? Now hear me out, this ban is only effective in schools. I know I’m not the only person that is fed up with seeing male youths walking around with sagging pants that exposes us to their underwear & ass cracks.

Senator Adams, who says his Brooklyn district is the “ground zero for sagging,” says the style that many find offensive represents much more than a teenage stand against authority.

The Senator also started the “Stop the Sag” campaign last year against the “epidemic” trend, which is a title that befits his motto, “If we raise our pants, we raise our image.”

This saggy fashion surpassed being a fad & ten years ago is a full on epidemic.
If you’re wearing a belt & your pants still needs to be held up like you’re lifting weights, your pants are TOO big.
If the zipper on your jeans is touching your knees, your pants are TOO low.

It’s not discrimination, you can wear other pants. You do have another pair of pants you can wear in public (school) that wasn’t made for 3 people to swim in?

I’ve seen guys on the treadmill at my friends gym wearing saggy pants. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t using them as part of weight training or to simulate wind resistance.

And how the hell do you sag tight jeans that are supposed to suck onto your nuts like some kinda Twilight Vampire from Down Under (sorry Australia)?

Raise your pants. Raise your image.

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WTF: Call Me Maybe

David Coppini made this business card with Carly Rae Jepsen’s lyrics and his number on it.
I’m sure some girl will find this to be quite cute. Love this idea!

What other lyrics could be used on a business card?

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WTF: Bulletproof Style


Guys if you’re worried about being shot down not just by women, but by guns with actual ammunition, I’ve found just the thing for you! From Miguel Caballero‘s Black Label collection comes the bulletproof polo shirt. I trust this company, because if you have the name “Miguel Caballero,” I’m guessing you have some experience being shot at.

The shirt costs $3,500 and comes in three different strengths:

OPTION IIA: 9mm / 40 Smith and Wesson FMJ

OPTION II: 9mm / .357 Magnum / 38 Super / Mini Uzi submachine gun

OPTION IIIA: Uzi machine gun / MP5,MP9 submachine gun / 44 Magnum SJHP / Stab-proof

No word yet on a Kevlar visor if the assassin, you know, decides to shoot you in the head and why don’t they have a stab-proof option? Do you know how stupid you would feel if you got stabbed and died while wearing a bulletproof vest? Just saying.

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WTF: Only In Angel Grove

Something tells me that Mega Zords won't be the only things rising.

Go Go….. I can’t even finish that sentence.
Now here’s a Power Ranger fetish a lot of people could get behind.
I think they’ll be causing more crimes than they ever intended to fight.
I always thought Zordon was a pimp, getting kids to take care of business for him.

Oh…. Only in Angel Grove.

These sexy pieces of lingerie from Power Rangers (After Dark) can be purchased on Amazon.

Sorry Rebecca! I couldn’t resist posting this.

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Breathe in.
Take in the moment.
Open up & project yourself into the atmosphere.
Rest your hand on your chest & feel the vibrations.
Get out of your head.
Slowly move higher.
Soften as you tighten your voice.

Precision is your mission.

From the top to the bottom.
Find your range & release.
Here we go.
Na na na na na na, oh.

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