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Lovers Last (Destination)

Wait for it, it only gets better from here.
What we do from here on out is up to us.
If you think it’s better for us to stay where we are, we’ll do just that.
But you should know.
If you’re ready to move on, I’ll make my move.
We’ve reached our destination.

From the beginning we knew that we’d end up together, but not like this.
Now it all comes down to where we choose to run.
Love keeps raining down whenever you’re around.
Floodgates are overrun.
I’m not above drowning in your deep affections.
Willing to give in, losing our breaths between you & I.

Are we friends first & lovers last?
Lovers last forever my friend.
Tried holding my breath, but each time we’re this close you take what little air I have left.
We’ve reached our destination.

Heat’s fogging up the looking glass we played safe behind.
We don’t need safety nets to catch us this time.
All our walls have come down, brick by brick we’ve come undone.
We’re alone exactly like it’s supposed to be.
Hold on, hold me, I’ll show you sweet relief.

Are we friends first & lovers last?
Lovers last forever my friend.
Holding out for sweet release, but each time we go our own way we end up right where we left off.
We’ve reached our destination.

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The Wait

The wait is all we know & all that we breathe.
Anticipation’s building as the countdown nears zero.
In the back of our minds we’re already so close.
But in reality we’re not face not face & I feel so out of place.
I apologize for all the places that I can’t be right now.
The closer you get, the more it hurts.
With you this is not like the usual, far from it.
I love you & no I’m not confused.
I’ve made my move, when will you make yours?

All this running around has got me winded.
Always falling for someone that can’t be there.
It’s not fair to want this for so long & to never know this as more than a passing dream.
Do you hear what I’m saying?
It was never supposed be more than a moment, but somehow the years caught up with us.
Always on the move, we take what we can get.
Stealing away for hours like it was our last day.
I never know which way we’ll go, but I have faith that we’ll be together.
I know it sounds crazy.

Just one thing stays the same.
Somewhere along this long, winding road we’ll cross paths, like we always do.
Destiny says that it’s bound to happen eventually.
Time tells me to hurry up & make it count.
Life let’s me know that love is for the living.
So what are we living for?
Don’t stop coming my way, I’ll meet you half way.
The time has come to give in or move on.
There’s a time for everything & a place for everyone worth losing sleep over.
Everything comes together when you breathe easy & just let it be.
We’re just counting the days on our fingertips.

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