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Anything but Casual

This is anything but casual now.

In your eyes I see something I can’t control.
You’ve brought back a feeling that I used to know.
And to think that only 24 hours ago we were standing on the opposite sides of something beautiful, and not knowing what it was.
Keeping everything casual cus it’s safer to not know what we’re getting ourselves into.
The rest of the day before this was a blur anyway.
So I’m fine with losing myself in you.
Together we’ll find ourselves.
I don’t want to go anywhere, I want to be here with you.
And here is where we begin.
Close your eyes & let me in.
You’ve opened mine & now we’ll never be the same.

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Smallville Season 10 Poster Art | KryptonSite


Destiny Is Now


A new promotional “poster” image for the returning episodes of Smallville Season 10 has been released by the official DC Universe “Source” blog. I think that Clark should be wearing his new “S” duds since he’s no longer donning the Matrix/Death of Superman colors. But Whatevs.

Original Source: Kryptonsite

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