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Show Me, Don’t Tell Me


For so long I’ve been told “show don’t tell”, and all I want to do is talk these days.

Living in this age where you have to capture life while life is coming at you is exhausting. Even with a camera in hand I sometimes find myself not wanting to film a thing while I am enjoying the moment. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m not ready to prove that I was there every single time. Some moments are just meant to be between you and I. Everyone doesn’t need to know everything. Continue reading

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Who’s Going To Love You (Pt. 1)

Love is what you’re asking for.

​You see the possibilities in every face you meet.
Love is what you’re looking for in every person you let get close.
You wonder if you missed your chance, or if today is the day.

Many have tried to love you in different ways.
Love is a gift given through time, devotion, a touch, or a kiss.
Did you receive it, did you even know what it really meant?

Love is what you’re asking for.

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When I am nothing will I mean something?
In my absence would anything be different?
I don’t know and that scares me.

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Address & Move


Thought you were pulling your weight, but everything’s slipping.
Change is taking way too long cus you’ve been doing it wrong.
Now I’m at 220 reminiscing about life back in Flemo at 180.

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Thoughts crackle in the dark.
Emotions have exhausted all reason.

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