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Becoming (Lost In Everything)

Let your heart break into something more...

Let your heart break into something more…

What’s left to find when you’ve lost your way?
Everything weighs heavy on your mind
Sometimes we lose our place in line
And what we wanted yesterday doesn’t seem to get any closer

What’s left to find when you’ve lost it all?
There’s a disconnect from the expectations we’ve laid out before us
It’s not that you don’t want to do the things you say
You just get lost in everything
That’s problem with promises, because no one knows what tomorrow hides

When the Sun goes down we will disconnect from the day that’s had its way with us
We can reconnect with our simple ways, eye to eye, oh so quietly
And if the night finds us together, we can leave our loneliness behind, hand in hand

Let your heart break into something more
In loss there can be freedom
Get rid of everything
Make amends with what you’ve done
And after it is done, you’ll find room to enjoy what you’ve become
Let tomorrow set you free & start again

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Apodyopsis (What If We)

Apodyopsis: The act of mentally undressing someone.

Apodyopsis: The act of mentally undressing someone.

*Disclaimer: Ladies, you might want to have a mop or toy next to you before you begin reading this. I’ve already had 1 accident reported to me.*

With just one touch thoughts soak right through
Baby your legs give you away, so stay right here with me
Your eyes light up like I set off a flare
Leading me closer to you
I’m not here to save you, I’ll drown you in your desires
Over & over again

I can’t help it when your breath escapes
I’ll take it & give it back to you slowly, kiss by kiss in all the right places
I’ll say the words to make your whole body blush
You can’t hide it even when you’re undercover
You’re most real when you’re exposed wide open
So I’ll settle for more of less as you drop that dress
What if we live in the moment?

When you look at me that way I just have to get a taste
You are the start of something new as my tool works deep inside of you
It feels like you want me to get to you in ways that you can’t explain
Got to peek behind the curtains to see what you’re all about
Everything’s better when it comes out of your mouth
Tell me which way to go while your mind gets wetter
Thrust my life into your world
Draw me a blueprint with your fingertips while my hands are wrapped around your hips

I’m no stranger to the things you do in this city that never sleeps
It hurts so good to know you like I do
Tell me what you want, give me what I need
Can’t keep you still no matter which way we hold on
Always moving around, never where you were before
We’ve gotta break through your swollen silence
Until we end, there is no reason for the day to begin
What if we never stop?

With you nothing’s impossible, because I’m possible
Look at what you made me do
Night light kisses & skin to skin window displays
You run off of our electricity, so turn me on
I’m built for endurance, so ride it out
Passion pouring out after every sign we follow
Covered in a feeling we can’t escape tonight
The best part is coming down
Over & over again

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Reader Writer

What has the world come to when dreams don’t come true?
Won’t always get it right, but I’ve still gotta try.
The closer I get to naming the corners of your mind, the sooner I’ll know where we stand.
You don’t have to feel anymore, that’s what you have me for.
Let me put some thought into you.

When I can’t read her, I write her.
Blurring the lines.
Reader Writer, here we go again.

Reader Writer, give me something to go on.
Gave you what you need, supply & demand.
You win, but then again you always do.
Didn’t mean to change your mind or make you forget your hesitation.
Always pushing through the words you say, in hopes that you don’t love in a black & white world.
Do you want to flip through our history books together?

When I can’t read her, I write her.
Blurring the lines.
Reader Writer, let me ease your mind.

Captured by another unexpected feeling on the verge of becoming real.
No, you’re not alone.
I can’t be like everybody, I can’t tell you what you want to hear.
Cus I just invited myself into your life like Sunshine.
And now that I’ve got you, I’m gonna need you all the time.

When I can’t read her, I write her.
Blurring the lines.
Reader Writer, put it down again.

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Naked Games

I'm in the mood to play with you.

I’m in the mood to play with you.

I’m in the mood to play with you.
You don’t have to be naked to play, but it helps.
I’ll let you know when it’s your turn to do whatever you want to do.
Waiting is the hardest part when I’m in your sight.
Alright, you can pick & choose what I’ll lose first, my mind or my shirt.
Do something, make your move.

Don’t tell me, show me why you’re my baby.
Don’t fuck with me, unless you’re gonna please me.
Show me some love, before I have a heart attack.
I wanna love you better, next level techniques.

Your lips are the prelude to the inevitable.
Exploration starts with curiousity & ends with the tip of my tongue.
And from there everything heads South like it should.
I’ll take you away & make you yearn to be mine, while we’re speaking in tongues.
I breathe you in before I taste your essence.
You blow like the wind & leave everything behind.

Touch me here.
I’ll show you how, just take your time.
Taste me now before my body fades away.
How much can we endure?
Shivering with anticipation.
I want more of everything.
Midnight’s secrets repeat after me.

We use rules & tools to get things started.
Drawn-out seduction disarmed our defenses long ago.
Teach me the rules to this dirty, sexy setup going on inside your insatiable mind.
Shock me, stimulate me.
Take me over while I’m still under your control.
Everything we miss lies somewhere between love & lust.
As I thrust myself into you, I realize this to be true.

You’re no beginner.
Your body is the life of the party.
You play for keeps while you’re moaning.
Pulling back your hair while you pull back the sheets.
I put you first, so I’m sure to finish last.

If you wanna play, you’ve gotta let go.
Where will it be this time?
Lay you down on the bed.
Your behind on the balcony.
Tasting you in the kitchen.
Lose your panties while we do laundry.
Washing you in ecstasy under the shower.
Or should we go to a place where no one can find us?

Late nights make for better days when you let me have my way.
I can’t do it without you.
Baby push my buttons & watch what you make me do.
This is what you put me through.
And damn do I look forward to it.
Let me fill you until you’re full of me.
Show me how you like to play.

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Exciting Explorations

“I write to explore, not to excite.” – Stephen Quammie

After having a discussion with a friend of mine who is getting ready to publish another Ebook, I found myself stuck on this one line I said. I am always curious where one line will take me. Will I write something with ease or will it be an uphill battle?

I don’t really aim to grab anyone’s attention (yes, as a Writer I want to be read), I want to have a conversation, or a journey of sorts. I want my words to not only represent me, but to also be an extension of you. I don’t know you & you don’t know me, but on some level after scratching the surface, we aren’t all that different. I want to figure out what makes us click, while celebrating our differences.

You guys push me to be better. You inspire me with your vivid stories & gripping visuals. Looking at your world allows me to write & express things that are outside of my realm of knowledge or experience, but through connecting with you I am able to take on your joys & pains with you, in my own way.

Sometimes I’m not really writing about myself at all, I’ve just become the face of what someone is feeling because it’s easier to see & accept things from a distance. (Speaking of which, I need to get my eyes checked.)

I say all of that, to say this:

Life would be pretty boring without you. Thanks for being my muses.

Much love & respect,
Stephen Quammie (The Wandering Mind)

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