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How Would I Describe Myself?

I constantly tweak my resume & cover letter, and it got me thinking, how would I describe myself if I was applying for the position of being your “friend”, “confidant”, or “romantic interest”?
I quickly jotted down a few terms I’d use & then went back and elaborated a bit on what they mean.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this post are solely those of STEPHEN QUAMMIE & in no way represent what YOU think of him or his views. If you have a different view, clearly state them using proper grammar in this post or on Facebook.

How would you describe yourself?

Ex-introvert: An introvert that comes of rather extroverted at times. I can be perfectly fine spending time by myself or with a bunch of people.

Seriously Funny: I say serious things jokingly & funny things totally straight-faced. I tend to find the humour in most situations even when I really shouldn’t. I’ll do anything for a laugh when I’m in the mood.

Laid-back: I don’t let things get to me. I try to enjoy myself in every environment. I’m up for doing just about anything once.

Oddly Insightful: I have moments of poignant clarity. I’ll say things that come off as being deep & thoughtful. I’m usually rather quiet, but when I say things people tend to remember it.

Creative & Resourceful: I make due with what I’ve got. I tend to improvise & keep things loose. I think of alternatives & fall-back plans on the fly.

Respectful & Understanding: I don’t get offended easily & I try to not offend others. I try to take everything into consideration.

Indecisive: Refer to the last sentence in “Respectful & Understanding”. I tend to weigh everything before coming to a decision. I usually don’t do things impulsively.

Supportive & Helpful: Do you need a hand? I’m willing to listen.

Geeky: I like comics, technology, and just random things.

Night Owl: I come alive at night. I do some of my best work at night, it might have something to do with me being an Insomniac. I have little to no problem with staying up late.

Stylish: Apparently I know how to carry myself. I am constantly complimented for the way I dress. I really don’t put that much thinking into it, I just know what works for me.

Warm & Caring: I like you until you give me a reason not to. I’m willing to go out of my way to make you feel good.

Humble: Can I call myself “humble” & still be considered humble? Fine, what if I say that “other people” tell me that I am humble. I have no qualms with poking fun of myself, I don’t take myself too seriously & I can admit my flaws.

I’m sure I missed a few traits, but you’ll discover them over time.

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