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10, 000 Strong

I am feeling the love today, especially from all of you guys! Earlier tonight I was talking with my friend Frenchy about my blog & I told her that I have over 200 subscribers (I’m still awestruck by that) & I was nearing 10, 000 views.

I said, “I should be at 10, 000 views by Friday. Its just a number, I was happy back when I had only 30 subscribers & 3, 000 views.”

And then we found out that I was already over 10, 000 views (10, 026 to be exact) as of 6:30pm.

I squealed for joy like Ronnie from Jersey Shore or Flipper the Dolphin on crack. Frenchy laughed her cute ass off hysterically. It was an epic moment between us.

So thank you guys so much for sticking with me.

Since you’ve been so good to me, what can I do for you guys? Is there something you’d like to see on my blog or something you’d like me to personally do for you?

I’m serious, try me (within reason, I ain’t going to jail or loaning money though). I won’t act like this is Sparta & kick you down a bottomless well (even if the thought crosses my mind).

Thanks again guys!!

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On days like today I go a bit overboard.
I love like I’m losing it, I’m kinda lovestoned.
You asked for a letter, I gave you a book instead.

Called you in the morning, you didn’t pick up, got your sweet old lady instead.
Thirty pages dedicated to you, there’s more to come, but I had to cut it off somewhere so I could go to bed before I lost my head.
You are so beautiful, can’t you see it on days like this.

Thought about taking you out & lavishing you, then words like broke came to mind.
So I put pen to paper instead of spending paper on Hallmark moments because I want this moment to mean something.
I hope you get this message.
I hope you feel something.
I hope.

Someone got a peek at one of the pages; cried me a river and asked me where the ring was at.
I told her that was just the dedication, she froze and finally said, “There’s more to that!?”
I nodded, showed her one poem & let her watch me write the last page.
She looked at me and said “She’s yours.”
Now I don’t know if you’re a crier like she was, but I hope each page gives you something to feel.
I went from sweet to a fever-pitch, ran the gambit on everything.
I only that it will be enough.
Will it ever be enough?

I fought with Cupid till we were at a standstill.
He shot me and said that I deserved it.
I think he slapped me with V.D., not with vampires or diseases, but days like today about love & loving it.
So I laid my weapon down & closed the book.
This pen’s out of ammo now, and I don’t know what to do with it.

On days like today I go a bit overboard.
I love like I’m losing it, I’m kinda lovestoned.
You asked for a letter, I gave you a book instead.

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