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Quote: Exploration Through Writing


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Quote: Personality


“We are influenced by our personality, not controlled by it.”


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Leave Your Fears

Pointlessly hopeful, craving sweet serenity between every breath.
Feelings under the surface rise above in spite of everything.
When belief and truth come together, meaning is complete.
Life is as complicated as it is compelling.

Maybe tomorrow will be worth the wait.
If you can’t give up everything, what will you gain in the end?
Sacrifice takes what you want and nothing less.
Gave you a life for a life, a heart for a heart.

Can’t keep the future at bay.
Leave your fears at the door.
Leave your fears for me.



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Show Me Your Soul


I look for you in every moment I have on my own.
Whispering the only name that has any meaning,
Hoping that you’ll hold these dreams, so that I may sleep at night.
If you must keep me awake, make this night a light worth looking towards.

She said,
Love me better, kiss me more.
Show me your soul.

Save your regret for the things you’ve lost.
I’m not mercurial, I’m here, like I said I’d always be.
I’ll give you my life from morning till night.
Give me peace of mind, make the world disappear.

She said,
Make me better, know me more.
Show me your soul.

Hold me with hope for the ages.
Wait a minute before you read my lips with yours.
Take the time to mean the words that you put into me.
Taste the heaven and hell I’ve come from to be with you.

She said,
Show me your soul.
It’s the only thing I want.
Show me your soul,
When it’s my time.

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Thought Less


Intelligence only knows so much.
All these numbers, languages & facts don’t always add up.

If I thought less,
I would admit to my desires.
I would submit to instinct without hesitation, however mercurial my design.

If I thought less,
The quality of my quantity would never even be a question.
I would accept what is, within & without.

My thoughts have got the best of me.
I must let go of all that is black & white tonight.
Everything will change.

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