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Quote: Love is Unpredictable

“You should never underestimate what people will do for someone they love.” – Unknown


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Part of the Plan

Can I leave you alone?
For more than a minute, for a day or longer?
I don’t want to lose you & all the steps that we’ve taken to get this far.
Don’t go too far.
I need you to understand that this was not part of the plan.
And I’m glad.

I couldn’t have planned this, no.
It is what it is, it comes naturally.
I guess if we can stand it, we’ll just take it as it comes.
Take it as it is before its gone.
I’m not taking you for granted.
This is what I wanted all along.
You are where I need to be.
Don’t go anywhere.

I can’t make this up even if I tried.
I need you to understand that I didn’t see this coming, it wasn’t part of the plan.
You give me something to look forward to.
And I’m glad.

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