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The unspoken & undeniable truth is that I’ve been sleeping with you every night.
You in your bed & me in mine.
Or rather me in my bed & you resting in my head.
The best laid plans take place at night when I can kill the lights & whisper in your ear.
It can’t be avoided, you pull me in like a blackhole, so I figured it was about time I pulled you in with me.
Rejection by silence is not an option, let me know what you like while I take you under.

Your body is a sleek instrument, let me fine tune it until you’re ready to play.
Let me know which strings to pick & I’ll hit every note.
We are what life sounds like, I love to hear the sounds we make.
Let it out, sing for me.
Nothing should be unspoken while you’ve got a captivated audience.
My mind is on fire with this latest sensation.
Now is the time to make your mind flow while you let your body go.
Without you life would be a mistake, so let’s do this right.

Love me in ways you’ve never dared before.
Show me the way seasons change inside you.
Reaching this climax isn’t our final destination, we’re reaching for the places that no one could ever go.
There’s more to explore, don’t ignore your primal urges.
Share my frame of mind & take heart as I take hold of you.
I can’t dream without your love.
I had a dream & I fear that’s all it will ever be while I’m lying here pretending that you’re closer than you are.
I swear I heard you whispering, I need to feel you close to me.
When I lie this time, I’ll find you resting your head in my bed.
Let’s make this unspoken & undeniable dream come true.

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