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Window Display

Every look writes a story.

Every look writes a story.

Day & night we can’t hide what we feel
Every wall they’ve built up comes crashing down
Lower your thoughts, our urges are bottomless
So we keep going to prove our passion’s reach
Caught up in the moment, we perform like we’re on Broadway

React to the touch of my hand
Bringing attention to parts unknown
You’re safe with me
Allow our tongues to provoke intensity
Body language knows when to obey
Let my love demonstrate in ways which syllables lack

Our existence is acknowledged with each breath we release
Exploration requires dedication
Don’t rush a thing when it comes to desire
Touch till you feel as though you can read me like braille
More than metaphoric bliss, each kiss gives birth to a new world
Can’t escape this euphoria we’ve made

Every look writes a story
Temptation is without hesitation between us
Do what comes natural
Who cares who sees us, as long as our eyes are on each other
Against the glass our love will last
Don’t look back

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Tinted Windows

Life outside this window show me something new.
I don’t know where to go.
Nothing strikes my attention like it should.
Even now reflections are casted on these tinted windows.
I can see you, but clearly you don’t see the way I look out for you.
Look out for me.
You just see reflections of where you are.
You can’t see inside.
I can’t make you look deeper.
We are not close enough to know just how far we are.
How far do I have to go?

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