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The List (Filling That Bucket One Step At A Time)

I will be going through this list and checking it off. This is in no specific order and I know that some items will be easier to fulfill than others, so it will take time. I CAN’T wait to get started! I will be taking photos or videos of each task as proof. So unless something happens unexpectedly and I’m completely unprepared for it, there should be evidence of this awesome journey.

Stay tuned!

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What I Wish For You

I wish that you’d take the time to get to know yourself, like I do.
I wish that you’d start anew.
I wish that you’d treat yourself with the love, trust and respect that you so easily lavish onto others.
If only you knew your value; you are worth so much more.
Don’t give other people the power to see your worth, they will never see it.
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