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Is this ALWAYS true?

Is this ALWAYS true?

This is true for a few women that I know. They ask me what I think & as soon as I give them an answer they say,

“Why would you say that!?”

“Well I’m not saying that you’re wrong, but you’re not right either.”

“I should ask _____. (Why am I asking you?)”

Which leads me to think that I really should just echo their sentiments to make them feel better, rather than actually wasting my time & energy putting thought into an honest response.


What do you want me to say?

If you just want to hear what you want, get a parrot or some cheerleaders. Don’t ask me what I think, because you might be surprised by what comes out of my mouth (and you might not like it).

If you want somebody to stroke your ego even when you’re in the wrong, choose carefully & don’t choose me.

“The truth will set you free… But it will probably piss you off first.”

I’m not saying that what I say is the absolute & undisputed “truth”, but it is my truth because that is what I believe in that moment based on what I have come to know. Sometimes I will play “devil’s advocate” & other times I will simply state something & leave it open to your interpretation.

We don’t have to agree on everything (or anything for that matter).

“Why won’t you lie to me? Lie to me, baby. Lie to me baby, one last time…” ~ George Nozuka, Lie To Me

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Real Talk: Lend Me Your Ear

“A guy that lends his ear to girl’s talk isn’t a man.” – Whitney


Hold up. Could someone please explain that statement to me.

If she means that any guy that a girl talks to as though she were talking to one of her girls is NOT (seen as) a man, I could understand that.

But Whitney did not say that & upon asking her what she meant by that statement she said, “Girls talk to their girlfriends, not their men.”

Fundamentally I see something wrong with that way of thinking. And then I thought about times when women consult with other women about things rather than just asking the guy directly what’s going on.

*Raises hand*

Am I missing something?
Or am I just niave about how relationships & women work?

Now I’m not assuming that my friend is the “Spokeswoman for Women Everywhere”, but I’m sure she isn’t the only girl that thinks that way. And I am not trying to convince her of anything, I’m just wondering why that “logic” seems to be so…. prevalent or natural.

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Quotes: Funny Thing About Women

“In the beginning, God created Earth & rested.
Then God created man & rested.
Then God created woman.
Since then neither God nor man has rested.” – Unknown

“Women speak two languages – one of which is verbal.” – Unknown

“Women are like phones. They like to be held, talked to, and touched, but if you push the wrong button your ass will be disconnected immediately.” – Unknown

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Part of the Plan

Can I leave you alone?
For more than a minute, for a day or longer?
I don’t want to lose you & all the steps that we’ve taken to get this far.
Don’t go too far.
I need you to understand that this was not part of the plan.
And I’m glad.

I couldn’t have planned this, no.
It is what it is, it comes naturally.
I guess if we can stand it, we’ll just take it as it comes.
Take it as it is before its gone.
I’m not taking you for granted.
This is what I wanted all along.
You are where I need to be.
Don’t go anywhere.

I can’t make this up even if I tried.
I need you to understand that I didn’t see this coming, it wasn’t part of the plan.
You give me something to look forward to.
And I’m glad.

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Something new has been introduced into my everyday.
She’s dangerous, unexpected and smooth in her execution.
She might be my undoing, oh but what a way to go.
When she’s into me, she digs deep and doesn’t let go.
I could be dancing with wolves and even that would pale in comparison to the risks I’m taking as I take her into my arms as we sway to the music.  Continue reading

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