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Through The Days

It wasn’t that hard to get up and face all those unknowns with you in mind.
It wasn’t about me in the least.
Consoling you through controlling the nerves in me was the least of my concerns.
With you standing in the corner looking on, something needed to be said.
I had to look up from the pages that were already written and find someone to connect to.
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Water Works

All it took was a crack of thunder to silence everything.
And everything remained still, anticipating another show of magnificence to cut through the clouds.
Its fun to pretend that everything is changing in one swift motion.
All the past drifting away, slicked back and coated in the kind of fog that hides every strand of light even in the brightest of days.
We could just sit back and have a conversation, but we don’t want to miss a thing, so we just watch as the water works take us away.

Pouring out your soul for all to see.
I’ve found a way to a better day, where tomorrow is sun-kissed and blooming with life and colour.
One can’t help but to stand in awe of the things that surround and cover our many days and nights.
Its with that respect and dignity that i’ll walk through the night with a smile on my face.
All that I can do is hope that something new grows out of this storm that I’ve been swept up in.

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The Last Strands of Light

Passions are passing and feelings have faded.
I gave you time to clear your mind in hopes that when you got back to me, you’d be sure about what we could be.
I get quiet around you because I can’t contain all that I feel and still remain blind to the things that you chose to do.
I don’t want fair, I want someone that’s there.
Should we have stopped this train when you let him get on and get close to you while I was out of sight?
I’ve never been one to accuse or assume, I gave you a chance to let it all out.
On your own you entertained your wants and curiosities, so what reason would I have to stay and wait for play time to end?

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Black Diamond

I see it hiding in your eyes, all you’ve got are these few stolen moments.
Somehow you still captivate and keep me guessing.
I can see myself in your reflection even at night, so I’ll do my best to show you how lovely you look in mine.
It couldn’t get any harder, to keep this secret to myself, so I’ll let you in on what little I know.
You’re not as rough as you thought, but you’re every bit as precious as platinum or gold when you let a smile break through the clouds in your life.
We’ll pickup where we left off, if you’ll let me hold you.
You’re a black diamond that can’t stop shining.
If I can’t love you up close than I’ll admire you from afar.
Every single angle looks brilliant to me as you find your place and ease your way into a comfortable silence right next to me.
I’ll call you my black diamond because you’re so rare and priceless.
No other jewel has ever made me feel so good.

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