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Zoolaplex – Sicktoys

Before Christmas I had the pleasure of voicing an annoying customer in this episode.

Zoolaplex is a comedy/drama audio web-series by No Studio In Particular that takes a look at the chaos that is working in retail.

To hear more cynical shop talk head over to:

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Thinkin Bout You/Doing it Wrong (Drake/Frank Ocean Mashup) by Alex Aiono

I had this video in my Youtube Favorites for some time and it randomly started playing. By the end of this cover song I was crying over a breakup I never had. Good music should tell a story, a truth that connects deeply. Now excuse me while I wipe my tears away and find a happier song, LOL.

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Zoolaplex – Fetish For Clowns


I am here today to tell you that I got my ass kicked in this episode of Zoolaplex. This is just further proof that I am a ‘Lover’ and not a ‘Fighter’.

‘Zoolaplex’ is a comedy/drama audio web-series by No Studio In Particular that takes a look at the chaos that is working in the retail industry.

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Safe and Sound – Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider (Taylor Swift Cover)

Another fantastic cover from the dynamic duo of Sam Tsui & Kurt Schneider. I just had to post this video.

You can find more covers by them on the links below:

Kurt Hugo Schneider (Youtube Page)

Sam Tsui Schneider (Youtube Page)

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Like I Love You (But You Don’t Like Me)

You know how it goes, it’s NEVER the one you want that wants you.
So what do you do when someone drops an “I like/love you” bomb on you….and you don’t feel remotely the same way?

First, put yourself in their shoes. Rejection hurts no matter how nicely it’s dished up.

If you had no clue how they’ve felt/You want to get rid of them:

  • Find out why/when they felt this way (and become the complete opposite of what they like about you)
    (Ex. You punch them in the arm HARD and frown a lot because they think you’re gentle and they love your smile)
  • Be Extra Clingy: Call more than you usually would, show up more where you know he/she is going to be, always have your arms around their neck/waist/shoulder… you can get as creative with this as you want. The more annoying the better.

If you knew how they felt and don’t want things to change:

  • Talk to him/her: Just tell them how you feel, that you don’t feel the same way, but that you appreciate them and don’t mean to hurt them. (Sure they might be mad at you, but eventually they’ll understand. Just tell them the truth.)
  • Depending on the person, you can say that you are VERY flattered, and that you want them to be happy, just not with you.

What tips or stories do you have?
How many ways can you say, “I like you, but I’m not into you.”?

Here’s some more ammunition:

Here’s how the other person feels:

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