WTF: The 15,000 SF Marijuana Superstore In Oakland

Well, you can’t argue that these guys haven’t done anything to turn weed-growing into a career. Hell, they’re seriously considering an IPO. Dhar Mann, 26 and Derek Petersen, 36, figured out that they could take a huge space, and turn the system on its head by becoming the landlord for independent pot growers. The demand for a safe place for growers to grow is no joke, as their smaller storefronts tend to get robbed left and right by people who like drugs and money (aka “robbers”).

Mann went a step further by enrolling in a $500 “cannabis college” to understand the growing process. They’ve got 75 more stores under contract, so naturally, the next logical step for these “budding” (sorry) entrepreneurs is…a reality show. If you had told a 75 year-old man in 1981 that this would be the new version of the American dream in 30 years, he probably would have shot himself. In the meantime, thank you for visiting WeGrow, and please, come back soon. (BoingBoing)

via The 15,000 SF Marijuana Superstore In Oakland.

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