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The Chaos And The Calm


Love’s so lethal when it’s pure.

I live for the chaos of your caress
Whatever it takes to feel something
The best laid plans aren’t made sober
I can’t say no, not now, not ever

Between your lips and mine, set our history on fire
Creatures of habit, doing what we do dangerously well
The easiest thing to feel is the hardest thing to say
When our hands start wandering we stop wondering

The chaos and the calm consumes us
In the light and dark we’ll lose our fears
Every whisper becomes a roar
Love’s so lethal when it’s pure

Take me deeper until we’re delirious
Damn it feels good to come undone
I know you and you know I am yours
Nothing else comes close

pecial Thanks To:
Prince Charming Isn’t Here

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Only What We Want


We see only what we want.
Our eyes devour that which our lips yearn to discover.
I see the sounds you make as my hunger swallows your body.
Let me feed your appetite for dynamite.

Take it out, let it in.

Your bad thoughts undress me.
You know I get excited when you talk like that.
Tempt me from night until day with your kiss.
Leave your mark on me.

My body burns for you.

This lust has been lingering within without apology.
Your taste fills my head until I can’t think at all.
We’ll drown in waves of pleasure until you become the ocean.
Come with me.

Feel this moment.

I’ve heard the truth in your whisper.
Melodic moans set us free.
To be blind with passion is clarity.
We see only what we want, and I want you.

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Where Do I Begin?


I have more faith than you can see.
I’ll wait patiently for you to come alive.
When you come face to face with what you want, ask the right questions.

Where do I begin?

I find myself deep in the paper & pen passions filling my head;
what consumes your precious time that way?
Not just anything will do when your dream is obtainable.
You need something for yourself.

Where do I begin?

When everyone’s gone this feeling remains.
I’m not afraid at the end of days, darkness doesn’t bother me,
especially when I feel the touch of your skin.
That’s what you bring to me.

Where do you begin?

I look to you, like the Sun to the Sky, maybe one day you’ll see it too.
Find yourself before you find me again.
Come back to me more alive than you’ve ever been.

Where do you begin?

Your heart isn’t debatable, once you’re sure of what you’ve found.
Look for that light in your eyes that collides just right with the Universe.

Where do I begin?
With a soul that seeks an honest heart.
Where do you begin?
You’ve only just begun.

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Women & Words (Pt. 2)


Woman, your heart is showing.
I can see it in the way that you move and speak so freely.
You are the continuity within every season.

Woman, I have been waiting for you.
I want to believe in you until the end.
Nothing less than happiness, because of everything that you are.

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Women & Words (Pt. 1)


Woman, I feel your whispers on my skin.
It’s not what you say, but how that captivates.
Wine & dine me with hopes and dreams between bated breaths.

Woman, you’re my peace of mind.
I want to align my ways with yours, like puzzle pieces.
I love how good you are, I cannot deny you.

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