WTF: Strange Sleep

Sleeping with babies can lead to quite a few awkward things happening. I honestly don’t know how kids can flail around so much & still get sleep.
I once slept with my baby nephew years ago & I ended up with a foot in my face a la the “Roundhouse Kick”.

I have a few friends that have become parents or will soon be joining the (fight) club. This is what you have to look forward to!!

How To Be A Dad

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5 thoughts on “WTF: Strange Sleep

  1. hehe, that is so happening right now in our bedroom!


  2. You are too funny! My son didn’t really toss and turn much. What he did do and still does is “sleep eat.” He makes this smacking sound like he is eating something and he does it all night. It is so incredibly annoying. I hate listening to people eat. Loud eating is a pet peeve of mine.


  3. I need’d to laugh, so thank you for sharing this post! i do hope all is well with you! God Bless 🙂


  4. Because of these positions.. we don’t co-sleep anymore. I’ve seen where my girls end up in their cribs after a whole eight hours.. and I am actually frightened as to what would happen if we all slept in the same bed!


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