Is it wrong that I laughed until I had a tear in my eye while reading this? Serious, check out The Hook’s blog & get his book!

You've Been Hooked!

Trust me, it will make sense soon.

First though, a short explanation: many of the guests I come in contact with think my job is one best-suited for a simpleton. Do you know how often I’ve heard, “So what are you planning to do when you finish school? ” or “How long do you plan n doing this for? You won’t be doing this forever, right?”

I should mention that despite my receding hairline I actually appear quite young; this is just one of the biological gifts nature saw fit to bestow upon me. Any others are unfit for publication. At least in this forum! At any rate, there is more to being a bellman than loading and unloading a luggage cart.

  • Next to the valet drivers and doorman, the bellman is stationed at your vacation’s Ground Zero, so to speak. We help shape your perception of the hotel –…

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  1. My friend, words cannot express how humbled I feel… Which is convenient actually, because I’m at a loss at the monent! You are true friend and i wish there were people like you in the publishing biz, but there’s only one you – as it should be!


  2. MysteryCoach

    Hahahaha! This was GREAT!


  3. Thanks for the tip! Good read.


  4. TemptingSweets99

    Very funny and entertaining. 🙂


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