Wedding Bells & 3 Days of Saturday

(Note: This was written Sunday, October 30th, 2011)

Well my best friends David & Angela finally got married last night!

Leading up to the wedding, I spent Thursday night, Friday & of course Saturday, the wedding day with my friends & every day felt like Saturday because we had so much to do in preparation for the big day. Multitasking & a lack of sleep made each day feel like one BIG, long day. Today still feels like a part of yesterday since we went to bed around 4:30 this morning and we were back up & running by 10 o’clock.

As the Best Man I had the pleasure of watching my friend David get nervous over wedding details, anxious about his vows, being oddly ecstatic about table settings one minute and then perplexed the next minute. One moment that sticks out was our 4am trip to Shopper’s Drug Mart Saturday when neither of us could sleep (unlike the rest of the Bridal Party) because we were triple checking our lists of things to do since it seemed like we had everything done & under control. We just drove & talked about how he felt.

The wedding ceremony & the reception was filled with plenty of laughter (even during the vows), alcohol, great food and dancing. As tired or nervous as we might have been leading up to the wedding, I don’t think any of us wanted that night to end.

Congrats once again to Angela & Dave who are now on their honeymoon in Hawaii.

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Bells & 3 Days of Saturday

  1. Any pictures to share of dis bless occassion?God Bless:)


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