Lee Stormlover (Ryan Gosling Dukes It Out at the Beach)



Ryan’s confused as well.

Lee Stormlover & I had a funny chat about dudes in Dasiy Dukes, so this one is for her.

Yes the image of Ryan is fake, I was bored & did some quick Photoshoppin’. I have noticed a trend with men wearing feminine shorts/pants lately though.

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5 thoughts on “Lee Stormlover (Ryan Gosling Dukes It Out at the Beach)

  1. OMG! Bahahahahahaha! Quammie, you really made my day! Thanks for the belly laugh my friend. HUGZZZ


  2. Reblogged this on Life In The Dash Lane (1962 – ?) and commented:
    Creative friends are always good for a laugh. Thanks Stephen! Much appreciated🙂


  3. I hadn’t noticed the girl short phenomenon, but are there tons of people in your locale wearing pajamas in public?


    • I’ve seen people walking around in pajamas, but not the full regalia. Once again, its the pants! People going to school (I’m hoping) in pj’s & no I don’t mean scrubs.


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